Nature Republic releases snail BB Cream


Nature Republic will be expanding their Snail Therapy line with a BB Cream called the Nature Republic Snail Theraphy BB Cream 스네일 테라피 50 비비크림


The BB Cream will include a puff to make application easier. Not only that it also contains SPF 30 as well as 50% of snail mucin which moisturizes the skin, and protects it from the external environment. You can apply your BB Cream without even dirtying your hands !


The BB Cream will be free from paraben, alcohol, artificial colouring, mineral oil, benzophenone and GMO.

0 thoughts on “Nature Republic releases snail BB Cream”

  1. can’t find this on gmarket. any idea when it will be out or how i can get a hold of one? thanks! ^_^

  2. aww damn it i’m in the U.S., no NR stores here, GM is my only source of getting some of these products. have u tried this bb cream yet?

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