LAVIDA expands IRF ( Infrared Protection Factor ) line


 The success of Coreana’s new brand LAVIDA has seen rapid expansion of the brand. LAVIDA has been pushing out new lines one after another and it’s not going to stop any soon as the popularity shoots sky high. If you’re not familiar with the LAVIDA brand, i suggest you read these articles before continuing here, here, and here.
 A short resume :

Coreana Cosmetics, one of Korea’s major cosmetics brands, has developed a new technology called “phytosphingosine-1-phosphate” (PhS1P) that takes advantage of inter-cell signal transfer mechanism. It is widely expected to slow facial skin aging.
Sphingolipids are a diverse and ubiquitous class of lipids with at least 500 members, and are involved in a wide range of cellular processes. In fungi and plants, one of the most widely distributed sphingoid bases is PhS1P. It is also found in lesser amounts in animals.
Based on the patents related to PhS1P (Patent No. 2011-27198) and anti-aging bio-mimicry nutrients (Patent No. 10-977672), the company has succeeded in developing a new material “Powercell.” A new brand “La Vida” that incorporated the material will be launched in January of this year.

 LAVIDA is also the first brand in the world that has created a sunscreen that effectively blocks not only from UV Rays. but Infrared Rays which can be harmful to our skin as well. Coreana released the first IRF ( Infra Red Factor ) product last year with the Coreana Vital Recovery Pact, and looks like LAVIDA will also be releasing a similar product called the LAVIDA Vital Recovery BB Pact 라비다 바이탈 리커버리 BB 팩트 which will feature SPF50+ PA+++ and IRF 35 ( Their sunscreen only had IRF of 20 ). The LAVIDA Vital Recovery Pact will also feature the LAVIDA Powercell Essence to moisturize your skin.
 Another product from their sun / makeup line is the Lavida Sun Solution Leisure 라비다 선 솔루션 레포츠.
Unlike the Lavida Sun Solution Leisure which only contains SPF 35, PA+++ and IRF of 20, the Lavida Sun Solution Leisure contains high SPF50+ , PA+++ and IRF of 25. It is suitable for those who needs long protection under the sun.

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