First Ever Hope-In-A-Blog Giveaway!



To launch this blog, We will be giving away 2 BB creams for free (including shipping) !

Update :

And the winner is…


Click to find out the details !


And the winner of this contest is  Angelina Wang (Yuri) .

Please e-mail us your details !








The first BB Cream would be a full-size Hanskin Control BB Cream.

The latter would be a rather new Korean brand called the Crazy MonkeY BB Cream which we have come to really like and love (reviews coming soon).

How can you win this competition ?

It’s simple.

1) HOPE! yourself up to this blog (to HOPE! yourself up, please enter your email address at the Subscription widget on the right)

On the comments section below :

2) Tell us how you would advertise this blog so that more people would know about this site

3) Tell us what you would like to see more on this blog

4) Write your name and email and the comments below


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Competition ends on the 19/12/2010 .

The one with most creative/constructive comment will be picked as the winner !

User will be notified via their facebook, twitter or email so make sure to join the pages Sourire

Wishing you all good skin!

Hope In A Blog

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0 thoughts on “First Ever Hope-In-A-Blog Giveaway!”

  1. Well to advertise this blog, I think you should definately have its address written on a lorry Or this would be a really nice name for somthing like a school or a church haha.
    I really like the fact that you describe every single bb cream that you’ve tried (and they are numerous !) because i’m searching for one at the moment…
    But maybe you should try to review some other products than bb creams ? I mean more =)

  2. I’d say I would advertise your blog more by telling all of my friends to visit your blog! XP I also like how you got all of the BB Cream shades to show us how the swatches of each shade look like and how you tested them to see if they were oil-free or not because I’ve never seen anyone else’s blog who tested the same things as you did! XD As well, I want to see more reviews on other BB Creams please as I’m looking for a BB cream for myself but I don’t know which one is the best BB Cream to choose since there’s a lot of BB Creams out there on the market right now! =^_^=

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