Charmzone releases premium BB Cream from Albatross line


I have not heard about Charmzone for a really long time, but it recently just released a new BB Cream called the Charmzone Albatross Premium BB Cream 알바트로스 프리미엄 비비크림. I’ve heard many great things about the Charmzone Albratross line, so my expectations is that this BB Cream would also be a superb product!


This BB Cream brightens up the skin tone, contains anti aging properties, and provides a SPF35 PA+++ UV protection. It contains the unique patented anti-wrinkle ingredient called the BIOZIYUGLYCOSIDE I isolated from a Sanguisorba officinalis root extract. You can read the scientific report regarding this new anti wrinkle ingredient here. It apparently increases collagen biosynthesis in the skin and improves it’s elasticity. The BB Cream also contains ceramides to provide moisture and softness to the skin.

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  1. So eventually this cream is more suitable for over 25, I guess? Cause it has the anti wrinkle ingredient, and still, with young skin, it’s better to use light cream, isn’t it? (Sorry I am talking like we are old friends ^^)

  2. of course not, it is suitable for all ages! whats more important is if it is suitable for your skin type !

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