BB Creams Not Enough to protect skin from the harmful sun


Today we read an article on a Korean site that was rather interesting.

74% of Korean Women uses BB Creams as they are convenient and loved for it’s simplicity.

However, many BB Creams (even those with higher SPF) have been deceiving consumers as they are marketed as an all-in-one, therefore sunscreen can be skipped.

This marketing ploy is a big mistake that can have a negative impact on the skin. BB Creams cannot be Sunscreen replacement as BB Creams alone are not effective in blocking ultraviolet light.

Therefore, girls, if you are scared of the sun, make sure you apply your BB Creams BEFORE applying your sunscreen! Smile

Updated with an article : here


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0 responses to “BB Creams Not Enough to protect skin from the harmful sun”

  1. Yeah, I recently read about that. Quite sad.
    But, we have to apply our sunscreen AFTER bb cream?! Really?

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