BB Cream, CC Cream,,, and now DD Cream ?




First came the BB Cream, and later on we saw the CC Cream…. and right now there have been apperance of a new type of DD Cream. Confused ? Well, let’s go through all 3 at the same time. But trust me, this are just marketing propagandas, so it doesn’t make any difference if it’s a AA BB CC DD EE FF Cream!


BB Creams



BB Cream – Blemish Balm. Not much to say about it since I have written many articles regarding the BB Cream.




In France, the BB Cream phenomenon has even expanded to hair care. Created by Jean Claude Biguine, the range of BB Hair products aims to repair hair damage and provide intense hydration to the hair resulting in nourished and luminous hair. Using a formula with B3 B5 Provitamins, it helps to protect and reinforce the capillary fibers of the hair. The last step consists of the BB Cream Corrective to be applied on your hair , which is a day hair cream which protects the hair from the external enviroment and hydrates it.


CC Creams


CC Cream – Colour Correcting . The first version of the CC Creams came from a Chinese / Hong Kong brand. Chanel directly skipped the BB, and went straight to CC.

Marketing wise, the CC Cream claims to be an ‘upgraded’ BB Cream. It has a lighter texture, blends easily and gives a more radiant / dewy look compared to a BB Cream. Apparently, some of the CC Cream claims you can sleep with it … but I’ll never do that.

Brands offering CC Creams : Chanel, Juice Beauty, Olay, Rachel K, iFiona.

While some CC Creams are tinted like BB Creams, in Korea, CC Creams differentiate themselves by being a white-based cream which contains colour coated pigments. When rubbed, these white cream becomes slightly tinted. ( eg : L’Oreal BB Cream uses the same mechanism ).






The Korean CC Creams have such an excellent moist texture! They are also much more dewy in complexion, but it may be too ‘white’ for those with darker skin. They are like a tinted moisturizer + BB + highlighter. I am personally a fan of these CC Creams though I have to be careful that they don’t appear too white on my skin. They give a really radiant appearance!

Korean CC Creams : Chosungah 22 CC Cream, Mizon CC Correct Combo Cream, OHUI CC Cream, etc.



DD Creams



DD stands for Daily Defense. There seem to be two main category of DD Products :



– One aiming at sun defense, sunblock, and self tanners




– One aiming at the body and foot with a heavier richer texture for dry rough and cracked skin.




In Japan, there is a DD Cream which is a snail based serum – nothing to do with tinted creams.

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  1. J’espère que les gens vont arrêter de se faire avoir et ne pas tomber dans la fausse tendance DD Cream (qui ne sont que des crèmes hydratantes à SPF).

  2. Lol when I first saw the title I was like whaaat?! but after reading it… yep, just marketing XD thanks for sharing hehe

  3. They forgot AA : Anti Aging hahaha
    No, seriously, this is kinda useless since BB cream claims to have sunblock and the others qualities that CC and DD creams have. This is just a kind of marketing to sell more in my opinion.

  4. Can you recommend a BB or CC cream for a person who suffers hormonal break out and major sensitive skin with many allergic reaction? I really want to give this lightweight & natural look makeup a shot, but I’m scared it’d be too much for my skin. My skin can’t stand any kind of stimulation. Facial brush targeted for sensitive skin isn’t sensitive enough apparently for my skin, even the konjac sponge. But I’m maintaining my regime with daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing with Retinoid and Glycolic Acid based product. I’m allergic to BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid aka Salicylic Acid).

  5. I wish they would make a lettered cream with natural bronzing in it the way many have whiteners…

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