Battle Of The BB Cream for All Skin Tones : Dr Brandt VS Embryolisse






Today… I am going to compare this new hybrid of BB Creams that claim to fit any skin colour and any skin tones. One is by the famous American skincare brand Dr Brandt and the other is by French brand Embryolisse. I have already done a review of the Embryolisse BB Cream, so i won’t be showing much photos. Read the Embryolisse BB Cream review : Here


  • Dr Brandt Flexitone BB Cream


The flexitone BB cream is a multi-functional, anti-aging, SPF 30 protective & perfecting cream that provides flawless natural-looking coverage with just one shade!

Introducing the first BB cream to incorporate tone-blending technology to provide flawless, skin perfecting coverage with just one shade! Formulated with Dr. Brandt’s signature flexitone™ technology that blends seamlessly with most skin tones, this multi-functional anti-aging cream instantly perfects, brightens, and hydrates with SPF 30 protection.

  • blends seamlessly with most skin tones, providing an alternative to traditional foundation
  • helps correct flaws & uneven skin tone to perfect overall complexion
  • helps brighten & provide a healthy glow
  • protects skin from UVA/UVB rays with SPF 30/PA+++
  • provides hydration*
  • helps smooth & improve the look of lines & wrinkles

Flexitone™ technology

Dr. Brandt’s color blending complexion enhancement technology perfects & corrects most skin tones, textures & types.
Flexitone™ technology is based on a new and unique “pigment within pigment” physicochemical structure. The pigments are not encapsulated but rather they are “hidden” into the formula. During the application, this special structure breaks down, revealing the color step by step, while providing self-adjusting, custom color intensity on most skin tones, depending on amount applied.
NOTE: As part of the flexitone BB cream application and blending process, some pigments in the formula may become more apparent than others. These will easily disperse as the application is completed.




2012-04-09 13.30.502012-04-09 13.31.06

2012-04-09 13.31.132012-04-09 13.32.27

2012-04-09 13.32.352012-04-09 13.32.50


I have nothing good to say about this packaging except the box so i’ll keep quiet. But wait, i like to be honest in my reviews. The packaging are those you find easily on those $3USD BB Creams in Korea… but this one costs $39 USD. You’d expect something better coming from Dr Brandt but what you get is this cheap looking tube which has a huge opening which makes it hard to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out. It makes it messy too. This BB Cream has the same packaging as the Dr Schrammek Original BB tube, but because the Schrammek BB Cream is very concentrated it is easier to control the amount of BB Cream that comes out.






 Left : Brandt / Right : Embryolisse

2012-04-09 13.05.282012-04-09 13.04.59

2012-04-09 13.06.10

Left : Brandt / Right : Embryolisse

2012-04-09 13.07.13

2012-04-09 13.07.00

2012-04-09 13.07.45

2012-04-09 13.07.58

2012-04-09 13.10.28


As you can see above the shades for both BB Creams are very different. The Dr Brandt initially has a greyish ashy undertone like the 1st generation korean BB Creams. But… here is where the nightmare begins. After rubbing and spreading the BB Cream, the shades turns into this fake tan orangey dark colour. Like dark. Musings Of A Muse did a swatch of this BB Cream m and she said that the BB Cream ‘really self adjusts’, but the colour difference seems pretty obvious to me.


It needed me to do some intensive blending and rubbing for the colour to look more natural for me, and it did – probably because i have rubbed the BB Cream off while blending it vigorously. I would see maybe why the Westerners would like this BB Cream as it makes them look darker and tan – but for Asians, this is probably a no-no. The shade reminds me very much of the Chosungah Raw Tone Up Tint Recipe which is also a disaster, which is why it is only recommended to use it together with the Chosungah Raw Dayshu Radiance Cream. I waited for 5 minutes because it usually takes time for BB Creams to adjust to your tone, but nothing happened.


The Embryolisse BB Cream is the one that adjusts to your colour more than the Dr Brandt ( the Embryolisse also gives a orange shade but is not very noticeable).


Well i guess the good news is that it isn’t very noticeable when you’re taking pictures with flash.


2012-04-09 13.09.02






image2012-04-09 13.06.01


Unlike the Embryolisse BB Cream which has a thick and concentrated texture, the Dr Brandt has a soggy light texture. However, the formulation of the BB Cream isn’t very good – the oil separates from the BB Cream. I remember when i first tried this BB Cream in Sephora – when i squeezed out the BB Cream on my hands, there was all oil and i was shocked. I hope that this doesn’t happen to my BB Cream in time.. so if you have this, i would advice you
to keep the BB Cream in an upright position. ( Yes, i tried it and i don’t know why i still purchased it , Must have been out of my mind then ! )


However on a positive note – because the oil content is rather big here spreading the BB Cream is very easy. Fortunately, it doesn’t leave your face looking like an oil film, and give a demi-matte sort of finish. The texture is probably the only positive thing about this BB Cream. The texture is very much like the O’slee BB Cream!



Adherence & Water Test


Here is another aspect in which it fails miserably. I don’t even remember the last time i saw a BB Cream melt when touched with water. When i was doing the Water Test of the BB Cream, i applied it on the back of my hands, and put it under running water. Instantly, the water on my hands became murky! I then placed a tissue on the back of my hand and pressed on it ( no, i didn’t even need to rub it ) and viola, the BB Cream came off very easily! To see it clearly, i also used a black cloth.


Tissue of Dr Brandt :

2012-04-09 13.21.54

2012-04-09 13.17.42


Tissue of Embryolisse :

2012-04-09 13.28.36


So i wanted to test this further on a cup, and true enough – clear water became milk. So if you’re someone who sweats much, is active and play lots of sports – this BB Cream is a No No No No No for you. This BB Cream is also going to stain your clothes too wet or not… so be careful.


2012-04-09 14.41.162012-04-09 14.42.09



Oil Test


Only after 1 hour :

2012-04-09 15.12.28


I expected this to be a mess in the Oil Test because i could already see the oil on application. But thank god it isn’t oily after application. But it doesn’t have oil control.



Ingredient List


Key Ingredients:

  • Flexitone™ technology: Dr. Brandt’s color blending complexion enhancement technology provides perfectly natural coverage to blend seamlessly with most skin tones.
  • Pearl Powder: Hydrolized pearl powder comprised of amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides and minerals. Increases radiance & luminosity and maintains skin’s hydration level to prevent moisture loss.
  • Lysophospholipids & Perilla Oil: Unique combination of lyso-phospholipids & perilla oil that have a high affinity with skin & cell membranes. Smoothes skin’s surface to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles while increasing hydration deep within the skin.
  • Plant Based Oxidative Shield: Combination of two plant extracts with great antioxidant properties. Brightens skin tone, rejuvenates complexion and protects from free radicals.
  • UV SPF30 / PA: Advanced broad spectrum sun protection prevents photo aging.

Full Ingredient List:



What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petrochemicals- Phthalates- GMOs- Triclosan.

Phenoxyethanol is preeetttty up high the list, an ingredient that is usually at the very bottom.





I don’t even need to do a comparison chart for this VS review because the Embryolisse is going to win in every aspect except in the SPF factor in which the Dr Brandt has a SPF of 35, and the Embryolisse SPF20. The only two positive things about this BB Cream is it’s texture and it’s non-oiliness. The coverage for this BB Cream is sheer to slightly medium.It helps to make the pores less obvious but doesn’t cover much. For me, it just gives my skin a layer of fake tan. And i’m not even considered the ‘fair’ Asian!

In terms of oxidation – i couldn’t compare because the initial shade is so different than the finishing shade.

This will definitely not fit all skin tones – i will fit those with darker medium skin tone – and this will definitely not fit most Asian skin tones. I would see this working with the westerners who likes the tan look – and this BB Cream is probably made only to fit the Western market with summer coming and everyone wanting to be tan and dark.

Hopefully Dr Brandt doesn’t release this BB Cream in Asia and if he ever plans to do so – reformulate it because there is no way that it could compete with the Asian BB Creams out there.

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