Too Faced releases BB cream too!


Looks like 2012’s Western Beauty Trend will be BB Creams. Finally, this proves that the western cosmetics world is taking notes on Asian trends and that yes, Asian inspired cosmetics can also make it big in the western hemisphere.


After news of Estee Lauder, Stila, L’Oreal releasing BB Creams for the European and American market.. Too Faced will also be releasing theirs. 


Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20
What it is:
This multi-benefit beauty balm tints, primes, nourishes, and protects skin in one easy step.
What it does:
This innovative, oil-free beauty balm is powered by an anti aging, multi-mineral complex that helps you to instantly achieve a healthy glow and improve skin’s overall appearance. Light-diffusing pigments tint and add instant radiance.
What else you need to know:
This product is hypo-allergenic and soothing for all skin types. It also contains broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 20.



However, the western has changed the BB from Blemish Balms to Beauty Balms.. so that the western market doesn’t confuse this with a balm for blemishes. The Too Faced Beauty Balm is SPF 20.. and is formulated together with Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, etc. Looks like the western beauty balms are formulated with rather low SPF.. while the Asian BB Creams now are already mostly SPF 40 and above.


However, they come in 4 shades :


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  1. Yep, we knew it would happen some day. Well at least I got a head start! Lately I have tried the Skin House’s multi-function smart bb cream and I’m blown away at how it provides such great coverage, yet is so light and creamy in texture. It’s pinkish color blends very naturally into my color, and it’s not greyish like my Enprani All That BB cream. Then afterwards my skin looks so dewy, not greasy!

  2. haha you sure bought lots of skin house stuff ! hehe. yeah Enprani BB creams has quite heavy greyish undertones

  3. You know what it was actually just a sample that they included for me, and it’s almost gone , it will be time to buy more BB Cream soon! I found a sale on gmarket that I think must have already expired, it offered tons of the skin house products for only 9,900 wons (50% off) including the multi-function smart BB cream, but it was all in Korean so unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to purchase (there was no where to click within the ad). Do you see the skin house go on sale pretty regularly Hope? I do love a bargain!

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