Hannule VS Missha VS Sooryehan Herbal BB Cream Review





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  1. I am currently using the Missha Cho Boyang BB cream now, which I obtained at a heavily discounted price in Taiwan when there a few weeks back. It’s actually not bad and has good coverage. I would say that Sooryehan B creams do have that more natural and pinkish looking coverage, as the Yoon Dabit BB cream does have that effect too.

  2. You’ve got me really interested in the Sooryehan and Hannule ones! I also found out yesterday that my local Missha store is having 20% off skincare and 10% off cosmetics.. definitely going to check it out soon! Especially that Guem Seol line you mentioned some time ago…

  3. Hi, Sorry to butt in ^^
    I read in FB that Missha is available in Orchard Central #B1-36, Singapore. I don’t know whether the shop is still there or not.
    I love Missha M Perfect Cover. Is Missha Cho Boyang BB cream Sooryehan’s BB Cream as good as the M Perfect Cover ?
    Does anybody know where to find Sooryehan in Singapore ? Thanks

  4. I don’t think that Missha is available in Singapore anymore. Orchard Central’s branch is closed the last time I was there. There is supposedly another branch at the former Hotel Phoenix, but it shares the same number as the branch in Orchard Central, so yes, I believe that the brand has exited Singapore too, like a few other Korean brands.

  5. Ing, I have used Missha BB creams before, and would say that their coverage is among the best in BB creams I have used. The Real Signature Complete BB cream is somewhat more moisturizing and has a richer texture than the other BB creams in the brand, while the Choboyang BB cream has a thick texture which however looks natural to me, more so than the Real Signature BB cream. The Perfect Cover version of the BB cream is supposed to be among the most popular BB creams in Missha, since it has a texture suited to younger skin in its 20′s.

  6. Missha at Orchard central is open! I was just there over the weekend! I didn’t have time to browse, but the storekeeper told me about their promotions so I’m going to head back soon =)

  7. Luna, thanks for checking. They might have been in a different corner of the mall. The location is not ideal and rather seclusive although downtown, but it has some Korean and Japanese concept stores surprisingly. Feels at times like digging for some rare treasures, provided that you are patient enough. How is the sales period now? I am checking with Gmarket though to see if the prices are better there compared to orchard Central, now that you mentioned it.

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