BanilaCo’s Prime Primer crowned no.1 primer in japan




Korean Cosmetic Brand, BanilaCo, has been crowned as the No.1 Primer in Japan by Ranking Ranqueen, a Tokyo chain selling only the top 3, 5 or 10 items in a bewildering range of categories. Rankings are based on sales data from big Tokyo department stores and independent research.


This is an amazing achievement as Ranking Ranqueen only sells the TOP selling products and considering that BanilaCo is a Korean brand is an even bigger achievement!


BanilaCo’s Prime Primer has always been a hot seller and has received raves from beauty fans. They have a few items which have been explained in our articles, but here is a recap :






1) BanilaCo Prime Primer Classic Matte

프라임 프라이머 클래식 매트


For those with oily skin and has received rave reviews



2) BanilaCo Prime Primer Classic

프라임 프라이머 클래식


This is the classic primer for those with combo-normal skin and the best seller.



3) BanilaCo Prime Primer Hydrating

프라임 프라이머 하이드레이팅


This is one of the new addition and suitable for those looking for a moist and hydrating primer.



프라임 프라이머 하이드레이팅 쉬머


4) BanilaCo Prime Primer Hydrating Shimmer

프라임 프라이머 하이드레이팅 쉬머


This is the latest addition from the Prime Primer series. It contains shimmers unlike the hydrating primer.

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