2010 Hope in a blog beauty award ! ( WINNER ANNOUNCED!)

As 2010 comes to a near end , Hope In A Blog will be hosting it’s first ever Beauty Award.

There’s a little surprise for all you readers … right at the bottom of the page. So make sure you read till the end ! Smile

Best Cleanser 2010


Decleor Reflet De Purete Deep Cleansing

We’ve tried so many cleansers over the past few years – and all of us on Hope In A Blog agree that nothing beats this! This cleanser includes essential oils of Grapefruits and some flowers, Coton Milk, and 0,4% Stabilised Enzymes. Too bad this can’t be found in shops as they are used exclusively in Decleor’s facial institutes, but they are available for sale online!

Best Lotion 2010

Garancia Philtre Légendaire et Centenaire

Garancia’s cleanser was also one of the contenders of the Best Cleanser Award, but it couldn’t match up to Decleor’s Reflet De Purete. However, it’s toner – called the Philtre Légendaire et Centenaire – is a winner. The scent of this lotion itself is divine – and gives an instant coup d’eclat ( radiance ) to the face. This lotion contains bio-floral rose water which is traditionally used to illuminate the complexion (which it really does!), original fresh lemon juice obtained by flash distillation which acts as an astringent to tighten pores, styrax tears – a tree from south east asia of which it’s resin is collection for its healing, antiseptic and protecting effets. It’s essential oil has been well known since ancient times for it’s cleansing benefits. This toner also contains a patented powerful antioxydant called PEPS’KIN®.

Best Essence 2010

Su:m  37 Secret Programming Essence

No stranger to those who follow this blog, Su:m 37’s Secret Programming Essence has beaten SK II’s signature product, the Treatment Essence, to grab the Best Essence of 2010. A few reasons why we chose this over SK-II’s Treatment Essence. First of all, it smells much better than the Secret Programming Essence. Secondly, it is more moisturizing than the SK-II essence. Both products ace in giving your skin that super smooth feeling after applying it. However i felt my skin was more radiant with the Su:m 37 essence!

Best Emulsion 2010

Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion

This was a very tough choice – we were really torn between Sulwhasoo’s Balancing Emulsion and The History of Whoo’s Yin Yang Emulsion, but the Sulwhasoo won by 1 vote margin! The main reason was because the Whoo’s emulsion might be too rich for those with oily/combi skin, while the sulwhasoo’s emulsion is perfect for all skin types. It’s light texture yet very moisturizing properties makes it a winner !  Did i mention how heavenly this smells?

Best Gel based Cream 2010

Dr Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel

There has been a huge rise in popularity in gel based creams after Dr Ci Labo’s Aqua Collagen Gel became a huge hit in Japan. Now almost all asian cosmetic brands have their own gel based cream, and some of these brands use only gel based creams such as the IsQueen Rice High line, and the Naruko brand… Why are these gel-based cream getting more popular? Simply because they cater to all skin types. Therefore companies do not need to worry that their creams will be too rich for those with oilier skin , vice versa. These gel nowadays claim to be all 8-in-one. They can replace your toner, lotion, makeup base, beauty essence, serum etc etc. Why did we favour Ci – Labo’s gel? First of all it’s coloring free, fragrance free, paraben free, and mineral oil free! It’s packed with Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, collagen, amino acids, and Chinese herbs! It also keeps the skin feeling hydrated all day long! Exists in a few versions, so make sure you find out which suits you best before you buy it.

Best Cream 2010

Darphin Hydraskin Light Cream

Our love for Darphin has gone back to 2008 when we discovered this brand. Though not very well known in Asia yet, this french brand has it’s following. This Hydraskin Light moisturises the skin, and leaves it soft and supple. It also gives a nice dewy finish that gives you a healthy glow. Other than that, the scent is amazing as with all Darphin products and lingers with you for a long time! If you have oily skin, we definitely recommend Darphin’s Matifying Serum and Fluid, it really keeps your sebum at bay and gives you that fresh purified feeling. As this hydraskin is a hit – it exists in two versions to cater for different type of skin – the hydraskin light, and the new hydraskin essential.

Best Eye Cream 2010

Crystal Clear Eye Pen

One of our writers grabbed the Crystal Clear Eye Pen when it was on sale and passed it around. Each of us had about 3 weeks to test the product, and all of us ended up purchasing it later. This eye pen is like an eye massager. It releases the serum while massaging around the eye area. It de-puffs the eye instantaneously and also an instant lift and firming sensation is felt around the eye area (I’m sure that it can be achieved if you massage with your hands too – but we’re just too lazy to do that). While it can be a little too pricey – at least the pen can be re-used with your other eye creams once the serum in the pen is used up!

Best Serum 2010

Skinceuticals Vitamin C Ferulic/Phloretin Serum

A ‘STABLE’ Vitamin-C serum is always encouraged to protect your skin from sun damage and also acts as an antioxidant. Skinceutical’s Vitamin C serum has achieved already a ‘legendary’ status for being a very well-researched, effective, (expensive too.. hehe), and stable Vitamin C serum. Depending on your skin type, the two most famous Skinceuticals Vit C Serum – the Phloretin and/or  Ferulic – are both excellent antioxidants backed up by years of research. Of course there are Vit C serums coupled together with Ferulic or Phloretin out there which are much cheaper…

Best Night Sleeping Pack/Mask 2010


Sulwhasoo Overnight Treatment Pack

There has been a rise in the trend of these overnight sleeping pack/mask in Asian cosmetics lately. Our favourite is definitely Sulwhaoo’s Overnight Treatment Pack. While overnight pack are usually gel-cream texture, Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Pack was more of a cream texture. This overnight pack contains Acutelobed Angelica and Pomegranate help brighten skin tone and Walnut and White Mulberry restore skin’s vitality by delivering essential nutrients. This overnight mask awakens a radiant looking skin. Pores are refined, and skin texture remains soft, supple, and hydrated! We definitely call this our ‘miracle’ product!

Best Facial Oil 2010


Darphin’s 8 Flower Nectar

Darphin’s 8 Flower Nectar is also winner. A rare aromatic composition of pure essential oils, derived from 8 exotic flowers from around the world (Benefit from the unique blend of 8 pure essential oils:EVERLASTING to reveal a healthy glow. IRIS to calm and rebalance. JASMINE to promote elasticity. LAVENDER to soften and soothe. NEROLI to improve skin’s suppleness. PATCHOULI to firm and tone. ROSE to boost natural radiance. YLANG YLANG to help relieve stress.) detoxifies the skin, reduces fine lines, and renews skin’s natural glow. The oil is also enriched with Omega 3 and 6 and the scent of it is enough to put you to sleep.

Best Beauty Gadget 2010



Clarisonic received a lot of competition from other gadgets such as the Hitachi Ion-Crie, the Baby Quasar, or the LightStim LED Device, but won because it proved effective for all the writers of Hope In The Blog. It really is a gadget worth investing in because it cleanses the skin really well , exfoliates the skin and prepares you skin for maximum absorption of your serum/cream/essence.

Best Sunscreen 2010

kiehls super fluid spf 50

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50

For those of us who apply BB Creams, we normally forgo the sunscreen which causes great discomfort on the skin due to it’s whitish cast and oily, heavy and sticky texture. Fret no more, Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense Sunscreen is oil-free, light in texture,  and contains a very high SPF 50+ to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Pity that this sunscreen doesn’t include any anti-oxidants!

Best Make-Up/BB Cream Primer 2010


BanilaCo’s Prime Primer Matte

BanilaCo’s primers have been receiving rave reviews and we understand why! The Matte primer really does keep sebum at bay , gives you very soft velvety skin, and makes our BB Cream last longer. BanilaCo’s primers have also become their star product – notably the Matte version – and there are also other versions so do check out the rest if you have dry skin. However the amount of silicones might cause a problem, but then again all primers are highly siliconed!

Best BB Cream 2010


SunnySide VIP BB Cream 2010

It would really take a lot to topple this BB Cream. First off, it contains A-Grade list of ingredients. On top of that, we also love it’s texture, colour and coverage! Please refer to our review for more details.



Suiskin Hydro Marine Aqua Drop Mask

We recently discovered this brand called Suiskin and there are a few items we love from this brand. Suiskin is a joint venture between Korea and Switzerland. It is the end product of clean resources from the Alps, Swiss scientists skincare science, Germany’s Skin Lipid Barrier Technology, combined with nano-technology from Korea. This hydro marine mask leaves your skin soft, supple and hydrated after application. It has also a very nice texture to it. It is packed together with Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extracts, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Biosaccharide Gum, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extracts, and Carrageenan Extracts and uses the AMS ( Aqua Matrix System) Technology to hydrate and protect the skin.

Better still, this product is on BUY ONE FREE ONE for a very short period of time, so grab this opportunity on Gmarket before this offer ends : click here!

We also recommend their Caviar Regenerating Sleeping Mask ( which faced tough competition with Sulwhasoo’s Sleeping Mask ) which is also on buy one free one for a very limited time : click here!

And Suiskin’s Deep Hydrating Aqua Serum is also on Buy 1 Free 1 ( We just placed our order too ) : here!

Remember when you buy these items on Gmarket, at the ‘comments to seller’ box, type in : ‘recommended by hopeinablog.wordpress.com ! Please include some samples =)’

Win ! Win ! Win !

Told you there was a surprise at the end of this page.

In conjunction of Hope In A Blog’s 1st ever Beauty Awards, we are giving away 1 Sulwhasoo’s Starters Pack containing the Basic First Aid Serum, Balancing Water, Balancing Emulsion, Revitalizing Serum, and the Clarifying Pack.

Of course, the winner will be required to write a short, mini review of the products to share your experience of Hope In A Blog’s favourite brand  and if it really did live up to your expectations!

How to Win ?

– At the comments section below, leave us a comment on whats your favorite products using the guide below :
Best Cleanser :
Best Toner/Lotion :
Best Serum :
Best Cleanser :
Best BB Cream/Foundation :
Best Emulsion/Cream :
Best Mask :

– Winners will be chosen at random ! Smile

– Closing date : 15. 01. 2010.
UPDATE ! WINNER : Smiyesunshine!
Please email us your details at hopeinablog@gmail.com, or another winner will be picked! 🙂 Thanks !

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