Purchasing Elisha Coy products for those of you who are in Europe, Russia, America

Dear Readers,

Hope In A Blog is working on a deal with Elisha Coy ( due to an immense response from users asking me where can they purchase Elisha Coy products ) to provide sales service for users who do not have Elisha Coy distributors in their countries ( Europe, America, Russia etc ).

Note that Hope In A Blog is not gaining any profit nor commission for this, neither are we advertisers for Elisha Coy. This is solely done to provide readers a chance to try out this amazing brand. Hope In A Blog is not associated to Elisha Coy in any way.

Hopefully this will be a beginning for other skincare companies to work together with our blog to provide more deals and opportunities for our dear readers to try out unique and international brands.

Of course, we are trying to make the negotiate the best deal for our readers out there ( discounts, buying in sets, etc ), and we will announce this once we have all the details.
So for all those out there who are interested, leave a comment and give YOUR suggestions because we are only doing this for YOU, our readers.

At the mean time check out the Elisha Coy catalogue Here

And also the official website : here!

Wishing you all goooood skin.
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0 responses to “Purchasing Elisha Coy products for those of you who are in Europe, Russia, America”

  1. thank you for your help! it’s such a great news! in fact if they had at least a shop at ebay for example it could be much easier to get to know their products.
    will be waiting for your updated info!

  2. Yes, the catalogue is at the elisha coy post, I will add the rest of their items this evening on that post.

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