The Beginner’s Guide to Asian Cosmetics Part 5 : The Lotion Mask Method




Continued from Part 1 : The Skincare ObsessionPart 2 : An Asian Approach, Part 3 : Packaging Is A Necessity, Part 4 :  The Asian Skincare Routine.


This would be an article continued from the Asian Skincare Routine, but i decided to post it on a separate post because it is quite lengthy.  It is about the ‘Lotion Mask’ method made famous by Chizu Saeki , a Japanese Beauty Guru which wrote the world-wide famous beauty book ‘The Japanese Skincare Revolution’.


Ever had bottles of toner you never know how to finish? Or make the most out of it? Use the ‘Lotion Mask’ method! I will be using Chizu Saeki’s method as a reference but changing it bits here and there to adapt to my own method.


Principles of the ‘lotion mask’



If you spritz water on a piece of paper, the water will sit on the surface of the paper, then gradually evaporate, leaving the paper parched and puckered. But if you place a damp towel on the paper and let it sit there for a bit, the paper will gradually absorb the water and become moist.

The same principle applies to your skin, which is said to be about a 100th of an inch thick. To get your skin to absorb the active ingredients in a lotion, allow the lotion to sink into by using a damp cotton pad. This is far more beneficial than simply spraying or dabbing lotion on your face.

This homemade mask will save you money because you don’t need to use as much lotion as you would with dry cotton or spray bottles. Suspending the lotion on damp cotton won’t dilute your lotion’s effectiveness either, but merely spread it further and allow it to sink in.


What do you need ?



  • Water ( Mineral Water if you can, or distilled, or normal water if you can’t be bothered )
  • Cotton Pads


You can use any types, but for convenience , try buying those that have 5-layers to it ( for example the Missha Soft 5 Later Cotton Sheet – there are many brands out there.




  • Cotton Masks

Instead of using cotton masks, you can buy those ready-made masks such as these :


image image


Left : Compressed cotton mask which expands when in contact with liquid

Right : Ready made cotton masks


Both can be found easily on Ebay!


  • Toner , Skin, Lotion
  • Optional : Plastic wrap, shower cap, towel soaked in hot water


Step 1 : Cleansing


Clean your face with your usual cleansing routine.


Step 2 : Prep ( Optional )


Soak the tower in hot water, then cover your face with the hot water for about 3 minutes to open up your pores and making it more reception to the lotion mask. You can also use this method for any sort of mask to increase it’s efficiency.



Step 3 : Wetting Cotton


image  Soak the cotton pads with water

image Squeeze out excess water with your hands

image Pour your toner / lotion on the cotton pad until it is soaked.

image Pull apart the cotton into five sheets


image Take one part of the cotton, and stretch it gently before putting in on your face.


image Open up ‘two holes’ on one of the layers by using your fingers and ripping them apart for the nose and mouth.


image Place them on your face. The 5 layers are : forehead, chin ( placed horizontally ), and left cheek, right cheek, mouth & nose ( vertically )


image Gently remove them after 3 minutes ( not more than 5 minutes ).



For the complete video, watch the video below :


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  1. I have read Chizu Saeki’s book and have found it amazing. I have been using a daily lotion mask ever since and my skin is so much better.
    My skin was very oily to start with but by reading the book I have discovered that in reality under the oil my skin was extremely dehydrated and produced extra oil to combat dryness!
    Now my skin is slowly coming back to balance. I have also started doing a lymphatic face massage recommended by Chizu and it shows almost immediate effects.
    I recommend the book to everyone!

  2. yes i agree! i find the lymphatic face massage very effective and i try to do it every single night!

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