What’s in the Wish Box ? Find out here!





I’ve been wanting to write this for some time, and was inspired by Sasha after reading her review on the 1st Wishbox. Ever wondered what was in the contents of the 1st Wishbox ? You can find out all about it in Sasha’s Review here.


So currently, there are 3 types of beauty boxes on Wishtrend :


1/ Normal Wish Box No.1  – Priced at 29.99 this has different items every month. Items are not revealed to give you guys an element of surprise, but you will definitely have full size products and not just all deluxe samples!


The other 2 Wishboxes were created to celebrate Wishtrend’s 20,000 likes on Facebook.

2/ Normal Wish Box No.2 – items are already predetermined. ( $ 29.99 )

3/ Premium Wish Box – items are already predetermined ( $ 55.99 )


After reading Sasha’s post and also YellowyCream’s Youtube Review on the Wishbox, i wanted to introduce these items in detail to everyone so you can make the most use out of it and enjoy the items available in the Box No.2 and the Premium Box.


The contents in these 2 boxes are almost completely different. Details on the pricing for each individual product can be found respectively on the Wishtrend page ( Click here for Wishbox No.2 and here for the Premium Box ). Some of these items cannot be purchased separately on Wishtrend, and only available with these boxes.


Let’s go through these products :





1. Kiss New York  Nail Lacquer 


What&rsquo-s in the Wish Box ? Find out here!


You will receive 1 Kiss New York Nail Polish. This isn’t actually a Korean brand actually!  You can actually read a review of the nail polish : here. Kiss New York is actually created by celebrity make-up artist Danessa Myricks. It doesn’t use harmful ingredients too, which is a bonus!



2. Etude House  Surprise Essence Concealer





Etude House is no stranger to everyone who is familiar with Korean cosmetics! Produced by giant Amore Pacific which is Korea’s biggest cosmetic company that also produces brands like Laneige, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo, Hera, Iope, Aritaum…. This concealer is actually essence concealer? What does this means? It means it is not only an makeup item, but it contains skincare ingredients too! Not to mention it’s essence-like texture.


This essence concealer instantly brightens your eye area, and you can find plenty of reviews of it online. It comes with a brush applicator to help application of concealer. It is extremely pigmented and has high adhesion due to the use of silicone oil which makes a thin film curtain on the skin, resisting it from sweat and sebum. It also contains honey to provide nutrition and moisture to the skin.


You can find reviews on this item here, here & here


3.  Lioele  Glittering Jewel Liner





I’m sure those of you who were fans of BB Creams 2-3 years ago will be familiar with the Korean brand, Lioele, and their BB Cream – the Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream. The Lioele Glittering Jewel Liner is creamy, pigmented, waterproof, doesn’t smudge, and long lasting ! Summer is around so i know how important waterproof and anti-smearing eyeliners are! So if you want a little bling bling on your eyes, give this a try – but don’t forget to use an oil based makeup remover as this is waterproof ! This product also dries off 20 seconds once you put on it!


You can find reviews on this here, here



4. Berrisom Curlume Mascara




Berrisom isn’t a very well known brand in Korea, but i’ve tried a few Berrisom products and liked them! Their brand focuses on the patented A05 formula which is a blend of berries ( elderberry, blackberry, cranberry ) and flower oils ( camellia, evening primerose ) ! Anyway back to the mascara, this product has an 80 degree curve brush that volumizes your lashes making it more dramatic, and contains lash-lengthening complex. 


So here you have a product that does a job of a mascara, eye lash lengthener, as well as eye lash protector. It contains a mineral complex, the AO5 Berrisom formula, as well as BIO-HGF which is a blend of 5 oriental herbs to protect and strengthen your eyelashes without irritating them. Special polymers and fibers create lavish thick eyelashes that can last up to 24 hours without smudging.



5. Lyramoa Water Drop Mineral Powder



You can purchase this separately on the Wishtrend website here. I’m sure you’ve heard of water-drop BB Creams ( such as the Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream ) in which water droplets form while rubbing the BB Cream. But, have you heard of a water droplet powder??


Yes, that’s how unique this powder is! It isn’t drying like the normal powder, but hydrates the skin with it’s water droplets! It has over 60% of moisturizing ingredients, while the powder absorbs excessive sebum as well! You can see the video of this powder in action below :


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