IOPE Whitegen Line upgrade


Amore Pacific’s IOPE Whitening line ‘WhiteGen’ will be going through an upgrade.

There will be an upgrade on the formulation of the products so if you want to purchase IOPE’s whitening line , wait for the upgraded version!

Patented ingredients inhibit the formation of melanin , improving and brightening your skin tone. The line also helps detox harmful substances and toxins to help restore the damage skin while preventing pigmentation.

The newly upgraded line will be released in March 2011 consisting of 6 Products. Korean names included if you want to buy it on Gmarket.

1. Cleansing foam 160ml 아이오페 화이트젠 클렌징 폼 –25,000 won

2. Luminous Emulsion 120ml 아이오페 화이트젠 루미너스 에멀전 – 42,000 won

3. Clearing Softener 180ml , 아이오페 화이트젠 클리어링 소프너 – 40,000 won

4. Essence Ampoule 50ml –아이오페 화이트젠 앰플 에센스 90,000 won

5. Intense Cream 60ml 아이오페 화이트젠 인텐스 크림– 80,000 won

6. Sunscreen SPF 45 60ml 아이오페 화이트젠 선크림 –35,000 won


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