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I have an evil group of friends who are addicted to Gmarket but lucky to have them too! Tee hee hee. It’s Skin was having a 30% sale the other day, and the Prestige d’Escargot Ginseng Cream was sold out and appeared a day after with 30 pots left. So i couldn’t resist the deal. In addition, Gmarket allowed us to use our 10% SVIP coupons which meant that in addition to the 30% we had additional 10%… so that was a saving of about $22USD !! But there was no way i was going to pay the crazy shipping fee just for that… and that’s when my crazy friends come in! Hahaha luckily some of them had other stuff to purchase, and they brought their friends as well, so we saved a lot on shipping this time around.




Let’s check out what they bought since i only bought the It’s Skin pot, pretty broke after paying the yearly hosting charges and have to pay maintenance charges after that ! Sigh !!





1. It’s Skin Prestige Creme Ginseng D’Escargot

Seller : here


The packaging is gorgeous. Like wow. It looks better than the original version. The box however has been downgraded and doesn’t feel as prestigious as before anymore. A few samples were included. I know that many of you are dying to have a feel of this new cream , so i took a photo of the cream’s texture :




More photos on the packaging.





Doesn’t it just look gorgeous ?? Open-mouthed smile 




2. OHUI Miracle Net Foundation

Seller : here

This LG OHUI Miracle Net Foundation has this sift/netting which helps make the foundation more refine. It has also recently appeared in another LG brand MULE. What i like about this item is that it comes with a puff, as well as a roller!







3. Amore
Pacific Live White Meladefying BB Cream

Seller : here

I seriously don’t know what crazy person would pay 90,000 wons for a BB Cream but yeah, my friend is really rich. She also bought something else that i was so envious about ( guess what is it? ) ! I seriously wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy Amore Pacific products on Gmarket because it’s over priced and they don’t give any samples at all. You’d be better off purchasing them in Sephora US, or in offline stores in Seoul.





4. O HUI Smart Cover Sunblock

Seller : here

5. O HUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm

Seller : here


The OHUI Smart Cover Sunblock was really popular last year. Can’t wait to try it myself and will have to beg my friend lol. However the packaging is really nice and convenient. Hopefully i will get to review it.

Also available from the same seller is OHUI’s new Ideal Puff Blemish Balm. It is the first BB Cream that has this puff packaging built into it and was recently copied by Amore Pacific’s Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream. The Nature Republic Snail Therapy BB Cream was actually the 1st product with a puff, but it couldn’t be used separately. The OHUI and Etude House one can be unscrewed if you don’t feel like applying with the puff.






6. Allvit Whitening Skincare Set

Seller : here

7. Allvit Whitening Sun Base Cream

Seller : here


Sigh, this was the one i was really envious about! I want thisssssss! I’ll just enjoy looking at the packaging and bottles.





Gorgeous isn’t it ? Sad smile 




8. Various OHUI Samples

Seller : Here


When the Gmarket box came, i thought what on earth did we buy that could be so big??? Haha, turns out to be this! The seller actually gave us 11 boxes of cotton pads!! 11 boxes !!!!!!!! lol. My friend bought a few new samples of the new OHUI Vital Moist line and lots of other free goodies as well.


A closer look :







9. Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation

10. Sulwahasoo Smoothing Makeup Base

Seller : here


Ahh, envious too! This is the new line from Sulwhasoo.. The packaging looks really nice!





10. Hannule Rich Effect Hydration Essence Mist

Seller : here


Last year, Hannule released a cream from this line, and i was surprised that it didn’t come with the entire toner-serum-emulsion. This year, Hannule added a new product to this line, and having used the cream – i hope that the mist would be just as good!





11. It’s Skin Prestige Swirl D’Escargot

Seller : here

The new product off the It’s Skin Prestige D’escargot line. This is a Gmarket special – you get a macaron lip balm and a BB Cream mini size for free! Nicceeee!


Maria wanted some swatches, so she will get it haha! Overall the colour here is great, lighter and more neutral than their BB Cream which is a little on the greyish pinkish side. I do feel it is a little too try, so those with oily skin should check something else out like the HERA UV MIST Balm. Hope they upgrade their BB Cream to this colour !   :







12. The History Of Whoo Brightening Gel

Seller : here


ENVIOUS. Sad smile I want this !!



Any questions on the products? Ask them before their owners come and collect them !

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