Amore Pacific releases new serum


Amore Pacific will be releasing another new product in March called the Amore Pacific All Day Balancing Care Serum 올 데이 밸런싱 케어 세럼 ( 40ml / 140,000 wons ) or in short the ABC Serum.


The serum contains the patented Bmal1 and Balancycle Complex TM to regulate the circadian rhythm. The Circadian rhythm is also known as the ‘biological clock’ of 24 hours. Lack of sleep and stress causes tired skin due to the disruption of the biorhythm. In addition, 10 kinds of Asian Botanical extracts acts an anti oxidants and provides moisture to the skin, and balancing it while normalizing the skin turnover cycle giving you soft moist skin all day long.

The serum absorbs quickly into the skin as it is designed to be similar to the skin’s cellular structure and increases the effects of upcoming products applied.

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  1. hi nope i havent tried this serum sorry! but this is getting quite the Buzz in Korea lately!

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