Amore Pacific expands Live White line with two new products


Amore Pacific’s ultimate luxury brand, Amore Pacific, will be adding two products to their whitening line called the Amore Pacific Live White Meladefying BB Cream & Amore Pacific Live White Meladefying Spot Corrector.


I don’t think that the Live White line is sold in America since whitening there isn’t a big thing. The line features the Meladefying Complex TM which contains ingredients such as beans, magnolia, honeysuckle, tangerine, gingko to supressing the production of melanin. The prices are crazy though : 7ml for 145,000 wons for the spot corrector and 90,000 wons for 30ml for the BB Cream. They better be excellent products..

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  1. I don’t technically think that Amorepacific the brand itself is better than the other brands manufactured by it, such as Hannule, Sulwhasoo, or Laneige. In general, one can get by using the other brands, since Amorepacific is largely just a luxury brand targetted at an audience which prefers a brand with a prestige image to it. It is also notably the brand used internationally by Hollywood stars instead of the other Amorepacific brands and it obviously has to do with the pitching of the image, since Hollywood stars are known to be picky for their skincare and grooming habits.

  2. amore sent me a few samples of their stuff.. have not gotten around trying it yet. but paula really wrote bad stuff about this brand on her website haha

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