Coway’s Allvit releases their First Care Serum


Since the popularity of Sulwhasoo’s record-breaking The First Serum, which is the first brand in the world to incorporate the serum as the first step of skincare – many other Chinese medicine skincare brands have followed suit. Coway’s ( the company that does air and water purifiers ) second cosmetic brand after Re:Nk, Allvit, will be releasing their version of the First Care Serum called the Allvit First Rejuvenating Serum.



This first-step serum comes in a generous 70ml bottle, and is to be applied directly after cleansing ( best applied 3-5 seconds after cleansing ). It helps optimize the skin’s function and moisture balance, and helps the absorption of the following products deep into the skin. The Allvit demonstrates a unique manufacturing method. A secret distillation method is used in order to secure dewdrop extract from a variety of oriental medicinal ingredients. The extract dewdrop has been known for an excellent drug because it boasts abundant nutritional and healing benefits and superior absorbing power to skin.



Oriental medicinal ingredients, fermented pearls and gold peptide components eliminate dead skin cells and excrete skin waste first, and then, additional oriental medicinal ingredients such as deer antlers, Chinese matrimony vines and EGF vitalize skins. This two-step medical process maximizes the effectiveness of oriental medicine.


It is free from parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oil, and GMO ingredients – therefore perfect for those even with sensitive skin.

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