Allvit releases super premium line


Allvit is taking over slowly as my favourite oriental herbal  brand – and i am excited to share this news – eventhough i could never afford them – the Allvit Youth Replenishing line 올빚 혜올

The line will have 5 products :

1. Allvit Youth Replenishing Toner

2. Allvit Youth Replenishing Emulsion

3. Allvit Youth Replenishing Essence

4. Allvit Youth Replenishing Cream

5. Allvit Youth Replenishing Eye Cream


The pricing is also premium – the toner and emulsion at 100,000 wons each and the cream, essence and eye cream retailing at over 300,000 wons.

Let’s just drool at the packaging while more details will be published.



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  1. Sooo beautiful for the look but I still prefer the purple color . It<s really a pleasure for the eyes , not for the purse hein !

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