Allvit expands brand with Whitening line




Woongjin Coway’s foray into the chinese herbal skincare market, Allvit, has finally released it’s whitening line Called the Allvit Whitening Baek Yo 올빚 백요


Inspired by the Pottery glazing, the line intends to give you the effect of glazing in potteries. Glazing is used on potteries for decoration and protection, therefore the whitening line intends to give you a perfect porcelain pure radiant skin, at the same time protecting and strengthening the skin with the mix composition of whitening herbs.


The whitening line aims to give you porcelain skin by getting rid of blemishes, even out your skin tone, and even shrink pores to give you perfect radiant skin.


The line now consists of :

1. Allvit Whitening Toner

2. Allvit Whitening Cream

3. Allvit Whitening Emulsion

4. Allvit Whitening Program

5. Allvit Whitening Essence

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  1. Hi, is it true that we can not buy skin care product’s samples at Gmail anymore ? The ”miniature cosmetics ” section has disappeared !

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