Cosme.Net 2010 Best Cosmetics Awards is Japan’s biggest and most prestigious cosmetics website. It hands out its awards which is based on the average reviews collected and the overall points each product received in a year. It receives about 8 million reviews each year.

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1. Best Makeup Remover Award


1st prize : Fancl’s Mild Cleansing Oil

2nd prize : Kiss Me Heroine Mascara Remover

3rd Prize : Cleansing Express Eye Makeup Remover

2. Best Basic Cleanser Award


1st Prize : Gamila Secret’s Lavender Heaven Soap

2nd Prize : Hiarumirufiyu (HM) Moisutosopu Cleansing Soap

3rd Prize : Esthe 21 Pure Milky Foam

3. Best Toner/Lotion/Mist Award


1st Prize : Nano’s Beauty Water

2nd Prize : AquaAura Hydrogen Lotion

3rd Prize : Cle De Peau Beaute Lotion Tandols ( Gentle Balancing Lotion )

4. Best Serum


1st Prize : Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Powercell Youth Grafter

2nd Prize : Barrier Repair Intensive Moisturizing Serum

3rd Prize : Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum

5. Best Moisturizer/Emulsion/Gel


1st Prize : Albion Exage White Milk Type II

2nd Prize : Albion Exage White Milk Type III

3rd Prize : Sofina Jenne Gelly Moisturizer

5. Best Cream


1st Prize : Chifure Borage Cream

2nd Prize : Arouge Watery Sealing Mask

3rd Prize : Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream

6. Best Facial Oil Award


1st Prize : Muji Jojoba Oil

2nd Prize : HABA Squalane Oil

3rd Prize : Sonbahyu Horse Oil

7. Best Eye Cream Award


1st Prize : Shiseido’s Granas Revital Caviar

Only 1 prize was awarded for this category.

8. Best Sheet Mask Award


1st Prize : Puressa Rose Mask

2nd Prize : Lancome Genifique Mask

3rd Prize : SK-II Moisturizing Mask

8. Best Pack/Mask Award


1st Prize : Cure Natural Aqua Gel

2nd Prize : Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

3rd Prize : Lush Magnificent Feast Mask


It is our first year following’s Beauty Awards. There are quite a few things that we observed here.

– Most of the products here are mid-range/low end products.

– Very few non Japanese skincare brands. We know that the Japanese market is one of the hardest market to penetrate because Japanese people are very patriotic and will support their own products! One very surprising thing was Helena Rub winning No.1 in the Best Serum Award. The serum was also awarded Newcomer of the Year, and it’s the only foreign product that grabbed the No.1 spot! (OK… we are now doing research on this product since this brand is an european brand!). On top of that, the Helena Rub Serum was also one of the only Luxury-range product to grab the number 1 spot!  There is also LUSH, and Korean brand SKinfood which managed to enter the top 3 spots in the Mask section. Also French brand Lancôme also grabbed 2nd place in the sheet mask department. Oh, and the La Mer cream is also in 3rd place.

– Legendary status products such as the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask and HABA’s Squalane Oil are of course in the charts!

– The Sofina Jelly won 3rd place – while it’s ingredients contained lots of harmful substances – and the amount of beneficial ingredients can’t even be compared to other Jelly based creams such as CiLabo, Mizuno Tenshi etc. This is a product of pure marketing and packaging !

– There was only ONE winner in the Eye cream department. Don’t understand…

So what do you think of the winners?

Have you tried any of them?

Tell us ! Smile

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  1. Hello! The only one I have tried is CURE Natural Aqua Gel – its all natural. Its a great exfoliator because there are no abrasive balls ripping at your skin. When you first apply it, massage gently first, leave for 5 seconds, massage a bit harder again and you will see all your dead skin cells on your hands. Its quit amazing haha. Skin feels baby soft after use! This works, but I would not purchase it again – it consists of you to massage your face really hard! (If you don’t mind, then go for it!!!) I know there are many exfoliates like this – will find one that doesn’t require a hard massage *810 rating*

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