Yippie, more BB Creams from my fav BB Brand, AHC!




Oh no, i’m in trouble. One of my favourite BB Cream brands of all time will be releasing two new BB Creams. The AHC Intense Contour Balm has been around for a long time, and is one of the classic premium BB Cream with excellent reputation ( check out our AHC BB Cream review! ).


AHC released another new version of the Intense Contour Balm called the 9-Free Intense Contour Balm which i love so much too, and now they will be pushing out another two new BB Creams : the AHC Intense Contour Balm Light and the AHC Intense Contour Balm Moisture.


The AHC Intense Contour Balm Moisture 인텐스 컨튜어 밤 모이스춰 is made for those with dehydrated and sensitive skin. It contains SPF 30 PA ++ and contains skin enhancing and antioxidant properties. The AHC Intense Contour Balm Light 인텐스 컨튜어 밤 라이트 is made for those that prefers a lighter texture and has acne or blemishes on the skin. It contains arbutin to help erase freckles, blemishes, acne scars as well as plant extracts to help blood circulation.

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