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I’ve tried about more than 50 BB Creams, so i thought this would be the time to list my Top 10 BB Creams. The 10 BB Creams chosen are based mostly on the amount of times I've used them. Having over 50+ BB Creams, a B.B Cream which i have used more than 20 times would automatically be in the Top 10 list. Having so many BB Creams - a good BB Cream would be one which i would continuously used out of the rest, and the ones that have left a deep impression on me.



1. Sunnyside VIP BB Cream




One of the most expensive BB Creams in the world, but also one of the best! Contains many great ingredients for the skin such as EGF, Bisabolol, Allantoin, Argireline, Beta Glucan, Symwhite. Has a very nice light texture that is easy to spread, and has a nice coverage. I like the bright colour which doesn’t have any grey undertone to it. Have noticed some improvements on the skin after using this too! The upgraded version will be out by this year and it will be paraben free, artificial colorant free, chemical uv filter free, animal ingredient free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, etc.

Don’t forget the special offer that SunnySide has provided for our readers at Hope In A Blog : here.




2. Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base SPF 50+




The first BB Cream in which the top 3 most concentrated ingredients on the ingredient list are NOT sun filters, water, or silicones. This Sulwhasoo BB cream has a really nice light texture. Coverage is not ideal, but this is perfect to be used as a make-up base. It doesn’t have a grey undertone to it too! Looks very natural on the skin. However, this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a BB Cream with good coverage. This is more of a whitening product + makeup base, and the bonus is providing a little coverage. Plus it has a very high SPF50+ ! Suitable for all skin types.




3. History Of Whoo Luxury BB SPF20




This is also one of my favourite BB Creams – it doesn’t have the bright pink colour which i like my BB creams to be – but it doesn’t have a grey undertone too! The colour is a bit darker, but it adjusts well to the skin. I love to mix this BB cream together with my other BB Creams. This BB Cream isn’t suitable if you have oily skin though Sad smile . One of the things i like about this BB Cream is the optics in it which gives your skin a little radiant/glitter look BUT you can hardly notice it. And the shimmer is only obvious when you’re under the sunlight or bright light, but isn’t noticeable at all if you’re indoors. It doesn’t give the disco-ball look at all!




4. Crazy Monkey d’Argan BB Perfect Liquid Cream




This is my favourite new BB Cream which i started using recently. It’s sad that this BB Cream isn’t available for purchase on Gmarket nor Ebay. If you would like to try this good BB Cream, and if you so happen to be at the Incheon Airport, visit the Crazy Monkey counter and test this yourself. This BB Cream isn’t suitable if you have oily skin!  This BB Cream also has Chamomile and lavender extracts at position no.3&4 on the ingredient list ( You can find the ingredient list on our ingredient list page! ) and Argan Oil at no.8! Argan oil is great for the skin and has become very popular over the past few years. This BB Cream is rather light in texture, easy to spread, and has a very good coverage. I love it’s very natural skin colour ( nor pink, nor grey )!



5. Hera Mineral Multi B.B




Another BB Cream from Amore Pacific. I notice that i tend to like BB Cream produced by Amore Pacific rather than those by LG. This BB Cream is slightly similar to the Sulwhasoo BB Base in terms of colours. It also has a runny-liquid texture which is easy to spread. Would be suitable for those with combination-normal skin. It is available in 3 shades too! It sinks into the skin after application and gives a natural rosiness radiant look. Makes a good make-up base. Coverage is average, and slightly better than the Sulwhasoo BB Base. However if you are particular with perfumes in your creams, this isn’t for you. Korean cosmetics are well known for their strong fragrance, and this is one of them.




6. A.H.C Intense Contour Balm




This is one of the most famous BB Creams in Korea and has a very good reputation. Like a lot of high-end BB creams, they do not contain SPF ( however, the upgraded version does! ). This BB Cream has a very thick texture, but it has a very nice natural colour. It also has good oil-control properties. Coverage is also above average! Hopefully the upgraded version is as good as this!





7. OHUI White Extreme Whitening BB SPF34






This is also a recent favourite. I would say it has a unique colour, i’ve never seen this colour on a BB Cream before. It isn’t pink, nor grey – i would say it’s a little to the pink-white side. It has a light texture and easy to spread. What i love about this BB Cream other than it’s nice unique colour is that it makes the skin really radiant immediately. Not that kind of glittering radiant, but the pearly radiant! It also has a whitish finish, almost like applying a little sunscreen. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to try a different BB Cream. If you have dark skin, i wouldn’t recommend this!


UPDATED! : It actually has a little greyish undertone to it, but it’s very subtle. If you’re into the dewy, radiant, superstar look, i’d really recommend this together with the OHUI White Extreme Whitening Base. Loves!! 



8. Dr Schrammek Blemish Balm





Of course, how can one ever forget THE BB cream that started it all? The Dr Schrammek BB Cream is THE original BB Cream! It is also available in 5 shades and i’ve used two shades – the light and classic. The light shade is bright, a little like the tube’s colour. The classic one is a little darker and has a grey undertone. As expected, this has the original BB cream texture which can be found on BRTC BB Creams which is very thick and concentrated. It is also very pigmented and has very good coverage for a BB Cream. It doesn’t contain any SPF, but certainly does make it up with a good ingredient list.



9. O'slee Rosehip BB Cream HD Flawless




This is one of the best-selling BB Creams in the Chinese market, and it’s no surprise here : they’ve shown the impressive videos of what this BB Cream can do. It is extremely breathable, oil-free, dissolves in water, and does not clog pores. Super Breathable!

O'slee utilizes the most advanced ionic membrane technology that forms a thin, breathable but water-resistant veil once applied. This allows our BB Cream to magically dissolve only in water, and not from your face, so you don't have to worry about your make up melting away. It has sort of a soggy texture, very unique one too! It is very easy to spread, doesn’t have a grey undertone to it, and feels very light on the skin. If you’re looking for something natural, doesn’t clog pores, breathable, and cheap – this is it! It has a decent coverage.



10. Sooryehan Bicheak Soomil BB Cream




I have not liked a single BB cream from Sooryehan until this came along as a sample when i bought the Cream. This is the BB Cream from Sooryehan’s latest hydration line for the summer. This has almost the same nice colour that the OHUI White Extreme BB Cream, and it’s not surprising since they are all under LG. I love how moist this BB Cream is. It spreads nicely and feels really moist and smooth on the skin! This has really changed my outlook on Sooryehan BB Creams. Coverage is so-so. If you’re looking for a moist BB Cream, this will be the one for you!




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  • http://absolute-natural-beauty.tumblr.com/ Natália

    Oh I was actually secretly hoping a post like this would come up. So, thank you.

    • admin

      hehe welcome natalia! have you tried anything in the list?

      • http://absolute-natural-beauty.tumblr.com/ Natália

        No, I wish though. The ones I am interested in trying are too expensive for me or aren’t available for purchase like the “Crazy Monkey d’Argan BB Perfect Liquid Cream”. I am super curious about this BB cream since it contains Argan and I’m definetly a fan of it.

  • Lissa

    Thanks! i was make my own tests, start with etude house, and now, with skin79. Of couse, i want try History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo too! ~~

    • admin

      good luck!! how do u like the etude house and skin79?

      • Lissa

        ethude i buy the tube, and skin79 only sample. I live in hot weather ( Brazil) and i need , really, a best BB cream. My skin is not pale, or white! i[m tanned, and because this, i think skin79 fits better in my skin and that is easy to spread! Ethude is very durable with warm weather, and skin79 not…

  • zoie

    awwwwwwww I can’t believe none of my fav bb creams made it on your list :(

    • admin

      which one are your fav bb creams?? hehe share it with the other readers!

      • zoie

        SKIN79 PINK LABEL is my absolute favorite!!! GR8 for combination/oily skin!! Especially the new version & MISSHA VITA bb cream/Missha M Shiny I have few others but Skin79 just hasn’t been beaten!!

        • admin

          oh yeah, skin79 was no.11 on our list! haha

  • monettex

    Awesome list! Now I am so tempted to try those :)
    Do you happen to know where I can find ingredients for the Sooryehan Bicheak Soomil BB Cream?

    • admin

      i have the list but it’s all in korean! :(

      • monettex

        would you be able to post it, if it is convenient for you, like if you just have to copy-paste. And I will use a translate site to see what those are in English. Thanks! :)

        • admin

          hi, i can’t because it will be a picture file, and you can’t copy paste a picture file on google translate!

  • fenn

    Thanks for the awesome recs! Do you happen to have the Korean names for the OHUI Whitening base and Whitening BB on hand? My eyes are going crazy trying to deciper the tiny words on Gmarket (on top of the flashing icons too :( . ) Are they in the regular White extreme line or the Sunblock products range? TIA!

    • admin

      they’re in the makeup section of the OHUI site, not in the skincare section! the korean names are in one of the OHUI posts. go under ‘Brand’ and Click on OHUI, and you’ll find the related post there with the names of the BB, Base, and pact

      • fenn

        Thanks for the directions sweetie =)

        p.s Your site is very very very bad on my pocket =P

        • admin

          hahahaa update me after youve tried it!

  • kooslee

    For Ohui whitening bb cream,how is the coverage? I love to have a dewy finish, but hoping for something with medium to thick coverage for my blemishes.

    • admin

      the coverage is so-so only! the base is good for a dewy finish, and you can use any BB cream on top of it!

  • Kooslee

    Have you used Whoo Brightening Sun BB cream? If you have, what do you think about it? I really like Whoo’s Seol line, so I am thinking about either trying this or Sooryehan’s bichaek whitening bb cream. Thanks.

    • admin

      i like it actually! worth a try! not much of a sooryehan BB fan !

  • zamachi76

    Hi…great review…i have dark medium skin tone with oily skin…any recommendation for me? tanks…:D

    • admin

      what BB creams are u currently using?

      • zamachi76

        Dr Young Bling2 cream…kind of make my skin looks ‘white’ with dark undertone, if you know what i mean…:D

        • admin

          So you like BB Creams with a little shimmer on it?

          • zamachi76

            It’s Dr G Bling Bling cream. Im not really particular about the shimmer, it’s just that, that’s the only one i can find at that time in Sasa. When i bought it, Dr Young’s BB cream was nil in stock. My friend recommended the one by Dr Young. Actually, I dont know what is suitable for me and my skin. Because of the oiliness of my skin, after few hours using bling bling cream, my skin looks really oily. Any suggestion which one suitable for me? Thanks.

          • admin

            Have you tried the Dr Wu BB Cream? Sasa sells them and i have received some very good feedbacks for those with oily skin!

          • zamachi76

            Dr Wu BB cream? ok will try it….is it for all skin colour? because i have medium dark skin colour. Thanks

          • admin

            u can try them at sasa

          • zamachi76

            ok…thank you…:D

  • suzanne

    Hi! I’m a new fan of Sulwhasoo products and finally was able to try a sample of the Snowise BB cream #2. I was hoping for a glowing dewy finish but was a bit disappointed to find it to give a really matte finish. This is my first time trying any BB Creams and I was really wanting to love the Sulwhasoo one. Is the matte finish to be expected from this, or maybe it’s just my sample??

    • admin

      The Sulwhasoo BB Cream has a very light coverage. If you want a glowing dewy finish, try the History Of Whoo Luxury BB Cream and also the BB Blusher Balls to give you a dewy and glowing look!

      • suzanne

        thank you!

  • Faceofvn

    I am so sad after reading this. I have about 15 BB creams and none made it to your top 10. Now I really want to try Sunnyside VIP BB Cream as it won the top spot. How much is this BB cream? Most of mine cost about 25-35

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  • Mina

    i finally find the full ingredients of “The History Of Whoo Luxury BB Cream” and unfortunately it not good at all and definitely not organic …take a look..


    • hopeinablog

      Hi Mina,

      Whoo never claimed to be organic ;) but they use natural herbal ingredients. many people usually confuse these two.

      and btw, the ingredient list on dailymed are not complete. they do not list all the chinese herbs in the ingredient list.

  • J

    Thank you so much for this list. I ended up purchasing Hera Multi Mineral BB & Ohui Extreme Whitening BB! Much appreciated.

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