Gmarket Hot Deal : AHC Intense Contour Balm

Try this infamous Korean BB Cream which is usually priced at 90,000 wons for 50ml at only 18,000 wons for 20ml ! This is a really great deal. This is also a superb classic BB Cream which is greatly loved and remains one of our favourite BB Creams ever.


Hop on and click here to purchase it. Don’t forget to type in ‘Recommended by’ for some extras at the ‘Comments to Seller section’ if you purchase it ! There’s only 3 left… so first come first serve!


Read our review of the AHC BB Cream : here

Have you tried this? Loved it or hated it?

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  1. hi, i’m looking to buy the history of whoo seol set on gmarket and was hoping you could help me verify this seller post since you’re the gmarket expert!

    the pictures list all the whoo products (tonerlotionintensive) but the seller didn’t put the standard seol names in the description box. is it all seol whitening products or a different set of whoo toner, lotion and intensive?

    would really appreciate any insight from you, thanks!!

  2. haha they put sum37s names instead of whoo, but yes, the set is a full sized whitening intensive with travel size samples of the other stuff

  3. thanks for clarifying!

    i placed an order on gmarket using my virtual cc number. it’s one of the features that my cc company offers to prevent online shopping fraud. but, gmarket just emailed me to ask for a photo of my credit card to “verify” the purchase. have you ever had this happen?

    i sent a screenshot of the virtual card number but they said that wasn’t verifiable. i am having trouble getting them to understand that is a real card and that the charge will go through…

    do you have any tips for dealing with their customer svc? this is really frustrating! there’s so much stuff i wanted to buy and i was planning on putting in more orders.

  4. yes you need to verify your card with Gmarket. Use Paypal. much more convenient without any hassle

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