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It’s been almost a year since my Top 10 BB Creams list, and there have been quite a lot of BB Creams i’ve managed to test over the past year. I’ve counted the number of BB Creams I’ve managed to test and use – some of them bought, most of them sponsored : and the number has reached up to more than 80 BB Creams.


This collection was taken a year back , and now i have double the amount of BB Creams which i have to review!




To see the existing BB Creams reviews done on the site, visit : here


So, out of more than the 80 BB Creams i’ve tested , here were the ones that really stood out. Let me make this clear that these are NOT reviews. This will included everything tinted that isn’t foundation, which means tinted moisturizers, CC creams, BB Creams, Sun Balms, tinted sunscreen.


1. Best Men BB Cream




The Reskin Solution BB Sun For Man is a lovely BB Cream for men which leaves a powdery matte finish, natural coverage which is perfect for the combination-oily skin men tend to have.

Other notable men BB Creams :

  • L’egere Men BB Cream – this men BB Cream comes in a cream with tinted capsules which gives a sheer coverage when rubbed and helps cover flaws and pores.



2. BB Cream(s) With The Lightest Texture




These two BB Creams are the ones lightest texture. I prefer my balmy concentrated textures, but i know most of you like them light and weightless. But this comes with a price : less coverage.

Other Notable BB Cream with light texture :

  • Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base
  • Belif Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop BB
  • OHUI Almost Aqua BB Cream
  • Amore Pacific Live White Meladefying BB Cream


3. Best Tinted Moisturizer




On days where i want sheer coverage, i always have my tinted moisturizers beside. My absolute favourite is the La Mer The SPF 18 Fluid Tint. It’s fabulous, hydrating, and makes your skin flawless enough!

Other notable Tinted Moisturizers :

  • NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – one of the more tinted tinted moisturisers around. However, the shades are very very yellow so if you’re fair ( or normal Asian skin like mine ) i would recommend the lightest shade Finland. I have one in Alaska which is the 2nd lightest, but it’s reallllly yellow.
  • Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer – superb tinted moisturizer if you have drier skin! The texture is extremely BB Cream like.
  • It’s Skin Prestige d’Escargot BB Cream – this is more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream as coverage is very sheer. However, the texture is really nice and moist like their famous snail cream and feels really comfortable on the skin.
  • Su:m37 Tinted Moisturizer – moist and really comfortable!


3. BB Cream that doesn’t contain water, silicones, or sunscreens as the first three ingredients! 




Let’e be honest.. this deserves a separate award of it’s own. 99.9% of BB Creams out there have either water, sunscreens, or silicones as the first three ingredients. Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Brightening BB Cream is one of those rare ones that doesn’t have any of those as the first 3 ingredients.


99.9% of BB Creams always have water as the first ingredient, which means it’s the most concentrated. But honestly – why are you paying for Water? In the Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening BB Cream, water is right down the ingredient list.


Check out the ingredient list below and the review here :





4. BB Cream with the best coverage




This pseudo BB Cream has been one of our favourite BB Creams of all time and is really near holy grail material, but if you are looking for something with sheer coverage – you’d be best looking elsewhere!

Other notable BB Creams with good coverage :

  • UNT Mineraluxe BB Cream
  • ElishaCoy Always Baby BB Cream


5. Best Western BB Cream




One of the few rare Western BB Creams that actually has all the properties of a BB Cream. Most of the Western BB Creams are very sheer in coverage, low spf – the 3Lab Perfect BB Cream is the opposite of it – with an SPF of 40+ PA+++ and above average coverage, it also contains high tech anti aging ingredients.

Other Notable Western-made BB Creams :

  • Lancome UV Expert BB Complete – one of the best selling BB Cream in Asia, that says a lot eh? I really like this too!
  • Helena Rubenstein BB Cream – very similar to the Lancome BB since they’re under the same company L’Oreal except that it comes only in the greyish shade, while the Lancome BB introduced a new warm shade this year.
  • Stila BB Cream – this is also really good for those looking for a sheer BB Cream.
  • Dr Schrammek Beauty Fluid BB – Oh, how can i forget THE original BB Cream ? This is the upgraded fluid version of the original BB version if you don’t like the balmy thick texture of the original BB Cream.



6. Best 1st Generation BB Cream




Well, of course the winner is the original BB Cream that started it ALL! If you’re unsure on what ‘1st generation BB Cream’ is, i would suggest you read this. As you all know, i love the balmy texture of BB Creams and this is the definition of BALMY! I have got to say that the newly released fluid version of the Dr Schrammek is excellent too!

Other notable 1st Generation BB Creams :

  • AHC Intense Balm Contour – another big love and a classic BB Cream that is widely loved in Korea


7. Best BB Cream for Oily Combination Skin




Hands down this is the best BB Cream for those with oily or combination skin. The texture is really fluid and spreadable, sinks into the skin and leaves the most powdery after finish that i’ve seen on any BB Cream. Perrrrfect !

Other notable BB Creams for those with oily and combination skin

  • Dr Jart Silver Label – another classic BB Cream for those with oily skin.
  • Dr Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Ivory Shade– another BB Cream that leaves a powdery finish. < li>UNT Mineraluxe BB Cream – this was a surprise but it was a really good BB Cream with good coverage, good oil control ! The BB Cream was sold out after a few weeks and only came back in stock recently.



8. Best BB Cream for those with normal – dry skin




I almost forgot about how good this A.H.C 9 Free BB Cream is! Not only is this BB Cream is free from 9 nasty chemicals, it has a nice fluffy texture that spreads easily on the skin, yet emollient and not over greasy! Not to mention the nice shade that doesn’t have the greyish-pinkish undertone like their AHC Intense Contour Balm.

Other notable mentions :

  • Crazy Monkey d’Argan BB Perfect Liquid Cream – enriched with argan oil, this BB Cream provides the richness your dry skin needs
  • LJH Cellabel Time Perfection Cell Recovery Balm – another 1st generation BB Cream which is well known in Korea. It has a very nice rich texture your skin will adore.
  • History Of Whoo Luxury BB Cream – another excellent BB Cream from the History Of Whoo that gives you a glow!
  • ElishaCoy Gold Mineral BB Cream – another excellent BB Cream which has a nice creamy texture and good coverage.



9. Best BB Cream Brand




Dr Jart has been in the BB Business for a long time and considered one of the 1st generation BB Cream makers. Most of their BB Creams are of consistent high quality and greatly loved by the public, plus it’s affordable price makes it an extra plus.

Other notable brands :

  • A.H.C – another brand which produces lovely BB Creams with a variety of textures
  • BanilaCo – another company that produces high quality BB Creams that are also very consistent and good.



10. Best BB Cream Manufacturer




No surprise here – LG! I loved most of the BB Creams produced under the LG company . History Of Whoo, O HUI, Su:m37, Isa Knox, Beyond, Belif , The Face Shop – most of LG BB Creams are formulated nicely.

Other notable ones :

  • Amore Pacific – which produces the BB Creams for brands such as Amore Pacific, Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, Hannule etc..



11. Best BB Enhancer




If you have no idea what a BB Enhancer is, read here. This is hands down the best BB Enhancer, and can even be used without mixing your BB Cream!


Other notable mentions :

  • Velds Fatal Beauty – This can be applied alone to give you that radiant glow, but it can also be mixed with your BB Cream. It comes in two versions : one tinted, one not. Both versions are really good so go check it out!



12. Best BB Cream Packaging


Best BB Creams : Hope In A Blog BB Cream Awards


OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm. While this packaging does have it’s flaw, it is also very convenient with the puff attached to it. If you don’t like the puff, just take it out and use it on its own. More about this on my review coming soon! The BB Cream is actually pretty good too!                                                                                               

Other notable BB Packaging :

  • OHUI Sun Science Smart Cover Sunblock – another winner from OHUI. This packaging is also very convenient! The puff is attached to the cover, and all you have to do is turn the cover clockwise to emerge the puff, then press a button on the BB Cream product, tap the puff and put it on your face! No need to get your hands dirty too! The BB Cream is really good too!



13. Best BB Essence Balm




The HERA UV Mist is really nice – the moist texture is really refreshing and it also acts as a makeup base as well as a skin cooler as it has skin cooling properties. Recommended if you want to try BB Essence Balms ( if you don’t know what it is, look at this article here )

Other notable mentions :

  • Coreana Vital Recovery BB Pact UVIR BLOCK – if you prefer something with a drier texture or if you have oily skin, this one would be more suitable.



14. Best Oriental BB Cream




It was either this or Sulwhasoo’s Snowise but i really like the powdery finish of this BB Cream. Both of them have very light texture, the only different is the finish. The Whoo has a powdery finish, while the Sulwhasoo has more of a moist hydrating feel to it !

Other notable mentions :

  • Sulwhasoo Snowise BB
  • History Of Whoo Luxury BB


I’ll be revealing my Top 10 BB Creams by the end of this year, so hope that there will be more good BB Creams to come this year !


15. Best Budget BB Cream


BB Creams under $15USD ! Coogi Flowertox BB Cream. This BB Cream is really underrated but it’s a really good budget BB Cream. On Gmarket, this is always on Buy 1 Free 1. Very nice texture which is suitable for oily combination skin.

Other notable mentions :

  • Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
  • Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
  • Lioele BB
  • Mamonde BB Cream
  • Baby Pink BB Cream

16. Best Mid Range BB Cream



BB Creams under $40USD. Although a little thick in texture, this BB Cream is moisturizing, lasts all day long and has great coverage. However the shade is a little too fair, so if you have darker skin – be sure to test the sample first. Not to mention, the packaging is really sturdy and classy!

Other notable mentions :

  • BanilaCo Let Me Bebe – one of my favourites. Love the texture !
  • Dr Jart BB Creams
  • Gowoonsesang Dr G Blemish Balm
  • Palgantong German Formula BB – a recent favourite. REALLY good. Must try!

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  1. What a great job you did! I really love BB creams (and various foundation products such as tinted mosturizers ans stuff), thank you for this useful ranking <3 There are so many BB creams on the market, now I know I have a guide through the jungle.

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