I registered this blog in 2008  (http://hopeinablog.wordpress.com ), but only started actively writing it in October 2010. I remember back then, I could not find a site that provided detailed reviews. Most of the reviews hardly consisted of photos and it was mostly ‘This is good because etc etc etc’ or ‘I did not like this because etc etc etc’. Thererefore, I started Hope In A Blog – so that consumers could have a detailed review of a product before purchasing them – right from the packaging of the product, their texture, their oil properties, their ingredient list breakdown, and before-after photos.

I also noticed that there was also a lack of information on Asian Cosmetics in particular Korean cosmetics and skincare. Most of the blogs focused on Western Skincare and Cosmetics, and even Asian bloggers were writing mostly on Western Skincare and Cosmetics. I’ve heard westerners saying things like ‘I would not even dare use anything on my skin made in Asia’ and Asians themselves thinking that Western cosmetics and skincare are far more superior than Asian cosmetics and skincare.

This was when I decided Hope In A Blog would fill this void – to spread alertness and love for Asian Skincare and Cosmetics ,providing detailed reviews on each product, as well as sharing and providing the latest information on new Asian skincare and cosmetic products. While Hope In A Blog focuses on Asian skincare, if a good Western brand comes along – I will definitely be writing and sharing it with everyone.



My goal for Hope In A Blog : To become the leading Asian Skincare and Cosmetic site, where anyone could look up information or reviews on ANY Asian skincare and cosmetics brand. For this to happen, I will need readers to share their experiences with products they’ve used and share their ingredient lists of products that they have – that way everyone can profit from this before purchasing a particular product.



Like I’ve said many times, this isn’t MY blog, this is OUR blog. This blog doesn’t provide me any money or profit at all – I am setting this up purely for my passion for Skincare and Cosmetic products , and to share that passion and love with everyone – and hopefully everyone can profit and learn something from this website.


Hopefully through Hope In A Blog, consumers will be able to :

1) Discover wonderful and amazing Asian Skincare and Cosmetic brands ( or Cosmetic and Skincare brands in general ) and beauty routines

2) Educate themselves on what they are applying on your face and how to read an ingredient list

3) Pick up the habit of reading a product’s ingredient list before purchasing them –

4) Able to deduce if a product is suitable for them before purchasing by reading our reviews and the feedback from other users



Enjoy the site, and spread the love!




Jonathan Wung




  • kawen

    dearest hopeinablog,

    like to order from gmarket, i found you on joseibi.com!
    do you know how i know i choose the right seller?

    greets kman from les pays bas(is that the netherlands)

    • http://hopeinablog.wordpress.com/ Hope In A Blog

      gmarket is like ebay. each seller has reputation scale beside them om the search results. choose the ones which have higher reputation. i can recommend a few sellers but what are you looking for? samples or full suze products? i suggest you read my gmarket posts such as winning coupons, how to evade paying taxea for europeans, and the korean names if the brand to be able to

  • Getrich

    Hi this is branch manager of SunnySide VIP.
    I remeber you sold our products.
    so, I sincerely want to talk about the business
    please email me ASAP

  • GGal

    Help – Hope, if you have time, can you post the Korean characters for the L’egere Multi White BB? It’s the #1 in taiwan, I went to the L’egere website and was not able to copy the characters to look for the product in Gmarket. I think the characters are embedded as graphics. Thanks for your help!

    • http://hopeinablog.wordpress.com/ Hope In A Blog


      SOmehow L’egere isn’t a brand known in korea.. funny how it is advertised as a korean company in taiwan but the korean’s have not even seen this BB creams in Korea

      • http://www.joseibi.com Joseibi

        Some of the most obscure brands purportedly from Japan and Korea are wisely marketed in places like Taiwan and Hong Kong, there was some kind of a boom in this kind of business years ago, a risk some of these Asian firms are willing to take in order to be the first or exclusive distributor for one up and coming hit brand. Not all of them took off, despite the heavy marketing, because of the internet the consumers would do research before buying nowadays and didn’t find the supposedly hot brand to be even known at all, where they came from…

        L’egere is sold on imomoko.com (operated by Taiwanese but based in US), I don’t see this brand elsewhere actually. It’s just the beauty magazine in Taiwan raved about it (possibly from the sponsoring Taiwanese distributor).

        • http://hopeinablog.wordpress.com/ Hope In A Blog

          Yes, i guessed so because none of my korean friends know this ‘famous korean brand’ ! haha

  • GGal

    Thx for responding… since I didn’t find the L’egere brand on GMarket couple of months back, I am glad to report I have tried several other BB creams (Sulwhasoo Snowise, WHOO, Dr. Jart, Alexander Kimsco…GMarket is very addictive!!!) ….and have since found my HG BB cream combination which is perfect for my heavily pigmented skin — *drum roll* ……..
    Dr. Jart Black Label mixed with WHOO Luxury BB Cream!

    I like the coverage of Dr. Jart and the inner glow that the WHOO luxury BB gives. On its own, the WHOO luxury BB is very sheer and does not cover any of my pigmentation, but together…. my skin looks flawless! I had pretty much given up on BB creams until I discovered this combination.

    Actually, mixing WHOO Luxury BB with any other BB cream or heavy coverage foundation (for example Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Camouflage Foundation) helps to illuminate the skin and takes away any grey cast or pastey look. Guaranteed to make the skin glow and feels so good on your skin!

    • http://hopeinablog.wordpress.com/ Hope In A Blog

      Agreed! The luxury BB Cream illuminates the skin thanks to the optics in it. It doesn’t glimmer under normal conditions but when you’re under the sun, it illuminates the skin. Glad you liked it :)

      • juu

        would love to try out Whoo BB cream. At the moment I am using Ohui BB and it is as good. Can I get the Whoo BB at Gmarket?

        • admin

          yes you can get alllll of whoo products on gmarket

  • http://www.joseibi.com Joseibi

    Wow, congrats on having your own blog under your own domain!!! :)

    • admin

      thanks joseibi!

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    Really good post!

  • ina

    hello I have a question regarding sulwhasoo.
    I’ve been trying to find some answers to my question but without any much luck.
    I was just wondering if perhaps you knew what age group it targets??
    Am I too young(22) to use sulwhasoo products?

    thank you in advance

    • admin

      the target group is women above 30s because the prices are more expensive, and women in their 20′s will not be able to afford it. If you’re using the basic line, it’s perfectly fine to use! Also it depends on your skin type. SUlwhasoo is more suited to those with normal to dry skin types. However, i’ve heard some readers with oily skin telling me that their skin is less oily after using sulwhasoo, as sulwhasoo aims to balance the skin’s state!

  • Meg

    I like to buy mini size cosmetics. But it is very hard to find korean brand mini set. Until now I only find Innisfree green tea mini size. For the other, I can find the picture, but can’t find the seller. Can you tell me where to find seller which sell mini set of korean cosmetics, eg. innisfree, face shop, etude or skinfood. I usually search at Gmarket, Interpark, Shinsegae, but can’t find it. Can you help me please ?
    Thank you

    • admin

      Hi, you’ll have to look slowly on Gmarket by filtering your search results by price range, Type the brand in korean then filter the search results by their prices

  • Meg

    Hello admin.
    I see this item and want to buy it :
    but it can be only shipped to Canada and US, while I’m at Asia.
    I know that this is a blog about Asian cosmetics, but after all, that’s cosmetics too ^^
    Do you think you can help me ? Because I want to buy in bulk.
    Thank you

    • admin

      Sorry, we can’t help with anything here. it is best if you contact them personally :(

  • Lily

    Hi, i’m new here. I’m so impressed with your blog as it filled with very detailed information. After reading your blog I’d like to buy L’arcobaleno AC-11 Super Cell Energy Blemish Balm but couldn’t find it on Gmarket. Please help to find it from a trusted seller who ships to Australia ( hope i didn’t ask too much) Thanks and much appreciate it

    • Anonymous

      search for l’arcobaleno ?

  • NguyenquynhNhu

    Your blog is without any doubt the best for asian skin care lovers . Thank you for spending such time to help us with advises and up-to-date , not to forget all these products in sale !!!

  • Anonymous

    Incroyable !!! Vous êtes d’une efficacité ” déroutante” ! C’est mon plus beau Noël de cette année . Merci, merci un million de fois !

  • Jasmine

    This is Jasmine, mizoncorp on ebay. Thought you were just one of the normal buyers on ebay. Now I’m checking your website, reading this and very impressed. I have been struggling to promote my products in overseas markets although I’m very proud of my company’s products. We really focus on making high quality products using lots of good ingredietns instead of wasting money on advertising.
    Your reviews are quite scientific and vey helpful for both customers and asian cosmetic sellers. =)

    • Anonymous

      Hi jasmine! Thanks. we have also been actively promoting korean brands.. as there are no blogs online that does so. hope Mizon produces more amazing stuff.. and of course, share it with our readers if there will be new releases or discounts/promotions! :)

    • http://stores.ebay.com/MIZON-SKINCARE Jasmine
  • Gale

    I followed your blog. It’s the first one I came across with that tackles reviews completely…I love the ingredient list portion. I hope you can post more BB cream brands. Thank you for a good work ^_^

    • hopeinablog

      we have over 30+ bb cream reviews! check them out !

  • Emilia Han

    Dear Jonathan, I love this blog :) I’ve just known this TODAY, I mean, because of my sudden wake up at the middle of night, I come to The Saem page and see the blogs’ links on the page, then I come up here seeing English. Oh how lucky I am, almost every other pages are in Korean and I can not understand a single word, not to mention the complicated cosmetics instructions and others. I also have interest in beauty products for Asian, of Asian brands. Personally I think Asian brands are more suitable for our kinds of skin. Western brands are good of course but somehow I feel the better result using an Asian product. I just know about The Saem, and almost no knowledge of other Asian brands for skin care. Hope I can find others in the future, and If I would have any useful experience, I would share it to you for sure. Thanks.
    Let’s keep up with the good work!

    • hopeinablog

      thank you! hope you discover more good asian brands here!

  • Christina34

    you should try jane iredale skin care makeup bb cream, the best for asian skin

    • hopeinablog

      ah i didnt know they had a bb cream!

  • Barsilver151

    Jonathan, I am doing some research on upscale Korean skincare products sold in the U.S.
    Specifically, better department and specialty stores. I’m not sure if your blog is about Korean products sold in the U.S. or in Korea, firstly. Secondly, can you share with me what you believe the perception of Korean skincare products is in the U.S.? Thank you.

    • hopeinablog

      hi barsilver, the blog is mainly about educating/introducing/spreaking korean brands and asian cosmetic brands in general! but unfortunately, many of these products are not sold in the US yet and the US market isnt very much aware of korean skincare products. there are upscale korean skincare sold in the US at the moment. there is Amore Pacific and Sulwhaoo. there are also other brands such as missha, etude etc which are sold mainly online and i do not know if they have physical stores there in the us! not forgetting 3Lab in which the founder is also korean.

  • wendiWoo

    Hi!!! Im not Asian but many of my friends are and they have rubbed off on me. ^^ although im black i love korean skincare! I think its the best and im so glad i found tgis blog!!

  • alicefromborneo

    Dear Jonathan

    I am sooo excited to find you!!! Lets spread the word further and wider- are you in London? do contact me so we can a proper chat!! I work in Luxury PR and love your blog!!!

  • oyveyjj

    Hi Hope!!

    I absolutely LOVE your blog, but it is so bad for my bank account!! Every time I read your posts/reviews I go on a buying spree on eBay! >_< Even though my wallet is giving me the stink eye for spending so much on Korean skincare, I want to thank you for this incredible blog. It is definitely my go to site for detailed and informative reviews for the Korean skincare products I am curious/interested in (ex: su:m37, Hera, Sulwhasoo, OHUI, History of Whoo). Kamsahamnida!!

    May I ask your opinion on something?? I am a 35 year old Filipina with sensitive, oily skin. I also have some redness on my cheeks and brow area. I am very much concerned with combating wrinkles, so anti-wrinkle is a must for any product I use. Which skincare line would you recommend I try?? Reviews for all of the skincare lines I want to try seem to be geared towards normal to dry skin. Right now I have samples for the following products: OHUI The First ( the complete set with ampoule), SU:M37 Time Energy (toner, emulsion, firming cream), History of Whoo Gongjinhyang (complete set), OHUI The First Geniture Cream, SU:M37 Losec Skin Reviving Eye Cream, OHUI Goodbye Pore Serum (I've tried this and I love it! It's hydrating and my pores were non-existent) and Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream. Which ones should I try and avoid altogether? Thank you in advance! :D

  • admin

    Haha, The Saem products are hard to find, would love to try them one day! Thank you for the support!