I registered this blog in 2008  (http://hopeinablog.wordpress.com ), but only started actively writing it in October 2010. I remember back then, I could not find a site that provided detailed reviews. Most of the reviews hardly consisted of photos and it was mostly ‘This is good because etc etc etc’ or ‘I did not like this because etc etc etc’. Thererefore, I started Hope In A Blog – so that consumers could have a detailed review of a product before purchasing them – right from the packaging of the product, their texture, their oil properties, their ingredient list breakdown, and before-after photos.

I also noticed that there was also a lack of information on Asian Cosmetics in particular Korean cosmetics and skincare. Most of the blogs focused on Western Skincare and Cosmetics, and even Asian bloggers were writing mostly on Western Skincare and Cosmetics. I’ve heard westerners saying things like ‘I would not even dare use anything on my skin made in Asia’ and Asians themselves thinking that Western cosmetics and skincare are far more superior than Asian cosmetics and skincare.

This was when I decided Hope In A Blog would fill this void – to spread alertness and love for Asian Skincare and Cosmetics ,providing detailed reviews on each product, as well as sharing and providing the latest information on new Asian skincare and cosmetic products. While Hope In A Blog focuses on Asian skincare, if a good Western brand comes along – I will definitely be writing and sharing it with everyone.



My goal for Hope In A Blog : To become the leading Asian Skincare and Cosmetic site, where anyone could look up information or reviews on ANY Asian skincare and cosmetics brand. For this to happen, I will need readers to share their experiences with products they’ve used and share their ingredient lists of products that they have – that way everyone can profit from this before purchasing a particular product.



Like I’ve said many times, this isn’t MY blog, this is OUR blog. This blog doesn’t provide me any money or profit at all – I am setting this up purely for my passion for Skincare and Cosmetic products , and to share that passion and love with everyone – and hopefully everyone can profit and learn something from this website.


Hopefully through Hope In A Blog, consumers will be able to :

1) Discover wonderful and amazing Asian Skincare and Cosmetic brands ( or Cosmetic and Skincare brands in general ) and beauty routines

2) Educate themselves on what they are applying on your face and how to read an ingredient list

3) Pick up the habit of reading a product’s ingredient list before purchasing them –

4) Able to deduce if a product is suitable for them before purchasing by reading our reviews and the feedback from other users



Enjoy the site, and spread the love!




Jonathan Wung