Bee Venom Skin Care, A.C Care releases sunscreen



We wrote an article regarding the release of bee venom skincare, A.C Care ‘s 1st Anniversary Limited Edition Water Essence Set ( article : here ). At the end of the article, we also did mention the release of a BB Cream and a Sunscreen.

Now there you have it – introducing the A,C Care Bee’s Sun Protection UV Moisturizer SPF 50+ PA+++ 에이씨케어 비즈 선 프로텍션.

The sunscreen is PABA-free ( para-Aminobenzoic Acid – PABA can cause a lot of side effects such as allergic reactions, acne, pus filled blisters, red spots, stain clothing and on top of all could be carcinogenic. Read more here ). It is also artificial coloring free, mineral oil free – therefore suitable for those with sensitive acne skin.

It also contains Bee Venom, their key ingredient of all products under A.C Care, which helps clear acne and control the secretion of sebum.

On top of that, aloe vera extract moisturizes the skin, while calming skin irritation.

For those who are suffering from acne and looking for a suitable sunscreen – try the A.C Care Bee’s Sun Protection – a multi functional product for both sun care and anti-acne care!


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  1. Also i want to know price list and manufacturer company name and web address.

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