A.C Care releases bee venom BB cleanser


Dong Sung’s A.C Care bee venom skincare is no stranger to the korean and japanese market anymore. It has managed to established itself in the cosmetics market, and is constantly ranked highly on Japan’s cosme.net.


A.C Care will be releasing a new product called the A.C Care Bee’s BB Cleanser 에이씨케어 비즈 비비 클렌저 which will help remove makeup and sunscreens easily. Since BB Creams and sunscreens have excellent adhesion and waterproof properties lately, a stronger cleanser is required. Using an oil-free gel formulation, the cleanser removes makeup and impurities on the skin and pores, while Bee Venom helps with skin trouble. Suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Cleansing is an important part because a dirty skin will cause even more acne breakouts.

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