A.C Care Bee Venom skincare hits gold in Japan




The snail cream craze hit Japan last year after the popularity of It’s Skin Prestige D’escargot Cream.. and now the Bee Venom is starting to create an impact in the local Japanese cosmetics market.



The A.C Care Water Essence was ranked no.1 last week in Japan’s most reputable and famous cosmetics website – Cosme.net – a huge recognition! The serum is ranked at number 4 in the serum section just behind Lancome and Helena Rubinstein , the BB Cleanser ranked at no.2, and in the cream section it is ranked no.1 !


A.C Care has been very well received and popular in Korea, and it’s wonderful that the brand is doing really well in Japan! Have you tried the products from A.C Care and love it as much as Japan does?

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  1. It’s beyond me how a mediocre (at best) product like the Lancome Genefique is ranked at no. 1 when there are so many better products (especially in Asia) out there and at better prices. I guess that, when it comes to luxury, Asians still prefer the Western products and of course that the marketing department of L’Oreal is doing a great job

  2. oh… and btw, do you happen to know the website address of the A.C Care brand (even if it’s in Korean)? cause I’m not able to find it…

  3. the website is accare.co.kr. dongsung pharmacy has other lines targeted at acne-prone skin in addition to AC Care, unfortunately they are not available to order on gmarket i think.

  4. i think there’s a red line from dongsung that’s avail on gmarket!

    and dongsung’s Re20 is also available on Gmarket

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