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I just reviewed the 3Lab Perfect BB Cream which i loved a few weeks ago, and now good news – 3LAB will be releasing an entire new oriental medicine line called the 3Lab The Ginseng Collection.


As many of you might know, 3LAB is an American skincare brand combines the most innovative technology and advanced ingredients available with elegant, efficacious formulations to deliver highly effective, high-end skincare products that improve the health and beauty of the skin while reversing skin damage and combating the signs of aging. Erica Chung, Co-Founder and Creator of the brand, was on a quest to create the “Perfect Product” and it was her passion and commitment that led to the creation of 3LAB.


The company was one of the first to introduce bio-engineered growth hormones and apple stem cell technology. This unique skin care line boasts a list of celebrity followers and is loved by skin care experts and makeup artists as well. The products are available at prestige department stores and specialty boutiques across the country and internationally.


But many of you might not know that the co-founder of 3LAB, Erica Chung is of Korean descent and who’s more suitable to introduce oriental medicine skincare into the American skincare mainstream than 3Lab? Oriental medicinal skincare hasn’t been widely popular in America for decades despite major western cosmetic companies using panax ginseng or ginseng extracts in many of their products. Can 3Lab, an American skincare company who has been doing mostly ‘western-styled’ skincare products be the first successful company to introduce oriental medicine into the mainstream?


Although a little too late ( better late than never i guess! ) – with the rapid expansion of another luxury Oriental Medicine brand – Sulwhasoo –  in America, will 3Lab be able to fend off strong competition from Sulwhasoo which is already a househould brand in Korea and a brand that is synonym when it comes to oriental medicine in Asia? I know that many of the readers here are big fans of Oriental Medicinal skincare brands such as Sulwhasoo, History Of Whoo, Hannule, Sooryehan, Dahanan etc – so those who have had the chance to try these products – please share with us your experience and how does it compare to the Asian oriental medicine brands!


The 3Lab Ginseng Collection has only 3 products ( eye cream, cream, and serum ) to cater to the American market unlike the conventional 5 products in Asia ( toner, serum, emulsion, cream, eye cream ). It contains all the characteristics of Asian skincare ( read up our article on The Beginners Guide to Oriental Medicinal Skincare  ) : chinese herbs, ginseng, fermentation. Excited already ?


Here is the press release of the new 3Lab Ginseng Skincare Collection :


3LAB fuses innovative western technology with eastern therapies and the powerful healing properties of the rare ancient ingredient, Wild Mountain Ginseng, in the company’s new Ginseng collection. Drawing on 3LAB’s Asian influence, and it’s scientific foundation, the line was created to effectively address stressed, dull skin helping to rejuvenate, balance and restore its luster, while reversing and preventing signs of aging. It also introduces a more accessible price point to welcome a broader base of consumers into the 3LAB fold.

Set to debut in April, the initial three products include The Cream, The Eye Cream and The Serum. Each product is designed to perfect skin tone and texture and revitalize the skin at any age.

Revered since ancient times as a means to achieving good health, vitality and longevity, Wild Mountain Ginseng contains phyto-nutrients that provide multiple benefits to the skin as well. “I recently re-discovered some of the ancient remedies that have worked in Asia for thousands of years, and I wanted to bring those remedies into the 21st century by combining them with the latest technology and innovation,” commented Erica Chung, Co-founder and Creator of 3LAB. “We are able to create a state-of-the-art Ginseng formula that is an efficacious and powerful anti-aging tool.”

Each of the three products contains a number of unique ingredients including:

  • Wild Mountain Ginseng (Panax Ginseng), the best quality of ginseng root for over 5000 years contains many phytonutrients that can stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to regenerate, brighten and tone the skin. This is the “all healing” root.
  • Natural Solution, 3LAB’s proprietary blend of seven efficacious fermented ingredients processed into a microscopic size molecule to guarantee penetration and detoxify the skin.
  • Yin Yang Extract, a blend of five herbal ingredients, including Solomon’s Seal, Chinese Peony, Lotus, Lily and Foxglove. This unique blend Yin Yang has healing properties and is used for keeping the properties of the body balanced and in harmony, improving skin tone, dryness, firmness, dullness and texture.
  • Salifporine8, a unique and rare plant that hydrates the skin by 6,000%.
  • Phytofis, a rare plant known for its anti-wrinkle and intense hydrating properties.
  • Licorice P-TH — Licorice plant extract for its brightening and antioxidant properties. In addition it has UV absorbing action.

The three-product collection is suitable for all skin types. The products will be available in prestige department stores including Barneys in April and will retail for:

  • The Cream 50ml/ 1.7 oz. for $140
  • The Serum 40ml/1.3oz. for $120
  • The Eye Cream 20ml/.7oz. for $100


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